Congress: to give al-Maliki resign and form a majority government
On: Tuesday 10/02/2012 09:21 am

 Baghdad / supporter Tayeb
criticized MPs and politicians Maliki's call to form a majority government under his leadership, adding that the onus is on is alone and must submit his resignation and then thinking of majority government, describing Maliki dictator, excluded at the same time achieve majority government under the sectarian quotas.

The spokesman for the Iraqi coalition MP Haider Mulla said in connection with the "long" that "the current government a reality if the government of national partnership was established on the back of the Arbil meeting, if he wanted the Prime Minister to form a majority government political, he Go to submit a plan his resignation and the resignation of his government first then go to form a majority government. "
as he emphasized politburo member of the Iraqi Communist Party Jassim Hilfi "It is not possible to have a majority government as long as the political process based on sectarian quotas, elections are fought on the basis of electoral blocs, and these blocks conform to the interests of purely personal consequent on the basis of the distribution of positions and influence after winning the election, so the government does not form on the basis of the parties and can determine their role and form a government majority. "
He Hilfi told the "long" to "majority government to be formed on the basis of citizenship and if there are political parties compete between them on the basis of electoral programs that serve the interests of the citizen, so it can not be changed political reality that they themselves put him, a reality quotas and the reality of compromise and the distribution of positions, do not exist hope that formed a majority government is not in this reality in which we live not in any put is coming as long as the political game going on the basis of quotas. "
stressed Secretary General of the Iraqi Nation Party Alusi "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki always tries to say and shows that the government failed, and threatens the government majority to be controlled and controls everyone and have loyalty to him only, and be his words and paper put pressure on all the political blocs. "
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has been considered that the solution to the current political crisis lies in a plan to form a majority government political, where he said in an interview on one of the channels that he was working on forming a government majority that "because the image of democracy upturned because of a government of national partnership ".
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