Maha league of the parliament building: the National Alliance to find an alternative to the owners of the mismanagement of the security file
Posted 01/10/2012 12:45 PM

BAGHDAD - "arenas of liberation"
called an MP for the Liberal bloc Maha league, on Monday, the National Alliance to find an alternative candidate for Nuri al-Maliki for prime minister because of the "mishandling of the file security," she said.
said league during the conference held in the parliament building today "National Alliance to find a candidate for prime minister alternative to Maliki because of mishandling of the Iraqi security file and frequent bombings during the past few days, which claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent victims."

Maha league

And demanded the league of the National Alliance to "disclose the correct number and the real victims of the bombings that get on a daily basis in Baghdad and the various provinces."
and signals league that "despite the deterioration of security great except that the Maliki government is still sticking to its plan failed, a plan to impose the law."
and saw Baghdad and several Iraqi cities yesterday, as a lot of times, violence was when a car bomb and improvised explosive devices and assassinations carried out by unknown assailants, which led to the fall of the dozens killed and wounded.