State law called a trial balloon on the amnesty law
Date: Monday 01-10-2012 09:41 am

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in Iraq, where violence never ends, reported a series of news reports constantly increasing bombings and assassinations, kidnapping and rape what killed many Iraqis in hit prepare another of them, as counted Center census dead alone 314 during the current month (last September) .

He was assassinated the former governor of Basra on Thursday. The term newspaper reported that Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq called the assassination "a heinous crime" blaming the security forces. Term added that thousands of citizens took part in the funeral. But what attract most attention is the violence that took place on Thursday in a prison in the city of Tikrit Tasfirat and led to the escape of a lot of guests. Asks Mohammed necessary (CNN): Why is this happening? Is it due to people's sympathy with prisoners because of the continuing mass arrests and disappearances of citizens in the corridors of the system, "Justice" and not finding them by their parents? Is it because Iraq executed 96 people this year and there are still 200 in the queue? Is it because al-Maliki aimed at a certain range? Is because of the lack of a general amnesty law, despite the promises that go back to 2008? All of these reasons could be behind it. If the Islamic State of Iraq is carrying out these acts, it was Maliki who inflame people's reactions against it. And with a lot of citizens on death row, people do not help the police, and this seems a major turning point in Iraq. According Alforn Policy "that the Iraqi Interior Ministry says that there is" a clear collusion "between some prison guards and prisoners in prison Tasfirat where weapons were introduced during a visit families and the guards left the door open." It seems that a lot of people sympathize with the conditions of prisoners. According to all reports that the Iraqi member of parliament for the rule of law Yassin Majeed has said that the attack on the prison is proof of the need to general amnesty law, did not mention the news that state law was the biggest impediment to pass this law, and that glorious close-Maliki did not authorized by the not for the approval of al-Maliki. He has allowed the authorization, it means that state law supports the general amnesty law previously hindered passed, and those would be a smart first step taken by over three years. Continuing political stalemate in Iraq. Pinning some hopes of ending the deadlock on President Jalal Talabani, who arrived in Baghdad on Saturday afternoon coming from Germany. She long it was in talks with the political blocs on a national conference to resolve the ongoing political crisis.In his first term, was Nuri Maliki Mtnmra. The White House has appointed him at the time of Bush as prime minister, thinking that he would work quickly and in accordance with their wishes, but he does not, as he did not meet the needs of the Iraqi people. He is not able to efficiently accomplish anything, as more and more evident to more Iraqis, and this is the reason for the victory of the Iraqi List in the 2010 elections and not state law. Washington had no political influence large in Iraq does not possess powerful military, where sacrificed Obama administration the political clout by failing in 2010 to insist on health outcomes primaries - says Michael Gordon and Bernard Trainer in their history the new Iraq war "when acquiesced Obama administration for opinion Judicial doubtful that prevented a list of Iyad Allawi, after winning a majority of seats in 2010 of a new government is formed, which led to undermining prospects for a settlement that could lead to the formation of an inclusive government and truly non-sectarian. " : New York Times