Last minute efforts may pass law infrastructure
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Thread: Last minute efforts may pass law infrastructure

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    Last minute efforts may pass law infrastructure

    01/10/2012 0:00

    Source for the "morning": Vice Iraqi Kurdistan tend to vote for the legislation
    BAGHDAD - morning - Omar Abdel-Latif
    Enters the House of Representatives today in a new test is its ability to vote on the law of infrastructure and service sectors after Tagelin after the emergence of political disagreements about the law, which several observers that will achieve a quantum leap in services provided to citizens.
    According to parliamentary source early for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," then today's meeting will vote on the bill reconstruction of infrastructure and service sectors, in addition to voting on the bill accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, and vote on the draft law on ratification Arab Convention for the fight against organized crime across national borders. will also witness the meeting vote on the draft law on ratification of the TIR Convention of people and goods between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and the second reading of the draft law on freedom of expression and assembly and peaceful demonstration, as well as a general invitation for discussion during the climb the Minister of Health.
    In the meantime, a senior parliamentary source said that efforts were being made to win votes to pass a law infrastructure.
    The source told "Bri Center for the Iraqi Media Network": "The MPs belonging to the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance began to tend to vote for the law after making adjustments to it."
    For his part, revealed a coalition of state law for the start of negotiations for its part with the rejection of a draft law infrastructure to explain its dimensions.
    Said member Ahsan Awadi Coalition's (Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network) about the existence of "negotiations and move on the political blocs opposed to the law and we will work to explain the dimensions and clarifying paragraphs before submitting it to a vote on Monday."
    Awadi continued: "We believe that there are political parties reject the law, even if made her all the justifications and assurances that their rejection of the bill is based on political positions, and they do not want to go."
    "The National Alliance to resolve his command toward the vote on the draft law rib Kaltaar and the Supreme Council and virtue, and reduce separation is the day of the vote."
    Awadi called "All members of the National Alliance to attendance at today's meeting to vote on the law," revealed the existence of "the political parties prepared and monitored political positions prior to thwart the law."
    The House of Representatives did not succeed last Thursday to pass a bill infrastructure due to the objection of the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance.
    The Presidency of the Council of Representatives postponed the vote on the draft law on Monday, signed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki earlier not to pass the law because of political differences.
    The draft law submitted by the government to set up infrastructure projects in a manner payment on credit worth up to between 41 to 42 billion dollars.
    In turn, admitted a member of a coalition of Kurdish blocs Hussein Hassan Nrmo member of the Commission services and reconstruction there is no political agreement until yesterday evening on the Law of the infrastructure.
    It was decided to postpone the vote on the law infrastructure to session on Monday while achieving the political consensus on this law.
    Said Nrmo in a statement singled out (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network): "It does not so far a political agreement on this law, especially on the two lists Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan," adding that objection coalition of Kurdish blocs on the law infrastructure was in principle not allocated accounted for 17 percent of the amounts and projects in this law for the Kurdistan region, as well as the issue of the agreement with the companies, which sees the region as it will be in the service of future projects.
    And on the description that fired on the Kurdistan Alliance that demands to vote on this law "impossible", between Rep. coalition of Kurdish blocs, that region's share of this law is a legitimate right on the grounds that some provinces of the region do not have so far hospitals giant because of neglect by the previous regime, so the coalition demanded the allocation of 17 percent of the funds allocated to this law of the province in order to be able to set up infrastructure projects that could serve the citizens there.
    He ruled Nrmo vote on the law infrastructure in today's session, but he also said: "It may be there is an agreement after the meeting which will be held between the Presidency of the parliament and the heads of political blocs on the law this morning."
    The pooling competencies Parliament may called on members of the House of Representatives to accelerate infrastructure passing legislation.
    The head assembly Ihsan al-Awadi, during a press conference held yesterday: "This law has passed the discussion more than a year and a half has fulfilled all conditions."
    He continued: "This law will serve all segments of the society and will shorten the time in the country's reconstruction limited duration between 4 _5 years."
    He advised those who are trying to disrupt the law and thwarted reviewing their position "at the same time refusing to link infrastructure law other indicators laws preclude passed in reference to the amnesty law."
    He also described the MP Mohammad Chihod justification for objecting to the enactment of the infrastructure as a "political" rather than economic Auffineh.
    Said Chihod in a press statement: "The Iraqi people plagued brokers and policy positions students who are not only interested in their personal and partisan interests and factional."
    He added that "most of the amendments put forward by the political blocs may be guaranteed by law, but what is unconstitutional or prescribed for corruption and so the law is ready for a vote in the event of higher interest blocs thinking of the Iraqi people."

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    Oil Ministry: Work is under way on the development of infrastructure for the oil sector

    Special - and babysit - TheMinistry spokesman Assem Jihad, Oil work and Zrath on infrastructure redevelopment for the oil sector, both at the level of the oil installations, pumping and extending pipelines to transport crude oil or other.

    Jihad said in a statement to the news agency of public opinion (and pastor): "There are huge projects very regarding the development of lines carrying oil from the fields of oil to pumping stations and then to export terminals, and is working on the axis of a set of system pipeline tanker of crude oil ministry is working out for years," .

    He added: "The ministry has allocated from the budget each year to monitor amounts of these budgets and allocated for a range of projects to modernize the infrastructure, and this system of oil exports in southern Iraq a ministry's achievements and the goal was to increase the export capacity of the port to more than five million barrels out of the country" . He explained "The ministry has developed a plan with international companies that won rounds of licensing the first and the second and third denies projects through these companies joint management between international companies and national has implemented part of these projects and the remaining Ongoing escorted development of infrastructure for these fields." Jihad pointed out that "The oil ministry is working a balanced line to increase the productivity of oil fields, and has plans to modernize the infrastructure to cope with the expected increases in oil production."

    He was a member of the Oil and Energy Committee National Alliance MP Fatima Hamidi called earlier, to the need to focus on the oil sector through the rehabilitation of its infrastructure to increase productive Taguetah and export. Q, Q

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