Disagreements on the supplementary budget and block citizen calls for the completion of the budget 2013 before the holiday
Baghdad / justice - 01/10/2012 - 2:02 am

At the time confirmed by the Knesset Finance Committee continued disagreement on the supplementary budget legal citizen parliamentary bloc stressed the need to reach the budget in 2013 to the House of Representatives before the beginning of the legislative term.

A member of the Finance Committee Najiba Najib said that "discussion of the supplementary budget or not referred to the Legal Committee on the grounds that there is two different views, one for the rule of law, and which confirms legal discussion and the other underlines the lack of legal debate." The supplementary budget came from government for the second time after refusing in principle by the council more than a month ago. She said Najib that "supplementary budget rejected in principle and there in the rules of procedure paragraph forbidding discussion of any bill rejected in the same legislative term." So confirmed mass citizen on the need to send the Council of Ministers of the budget in 2013 to the House of Representatives before the start of holiday legislative term to be able to approval quickly. The MP said the bloc Mohammed Allkash that "holiday legislative extended and always in parliament will begin mid-next November is an opportunity to ask the government to submit the budget 2013 quickly to take parliament and the time for study and approval." And that "it is also necessary to send the final accounts for the year 2012 to the Board of Representatives to be able to approve the budget 2013 at the light. "and demanded Allkash" The government should be sensitive to the citizen of this budget and feel them all the details of his life in the face of reality and deteriorating at all levels, the most important security and service and therefore should be resolved this budget is part of its problems. "and concluded that" There are other important laws in addition to the budget law directly related to the citizen and the state, both legally and the Federal Court and the Supreme Judicial Council of the blocks must be agreed by the and Tmrarhama ".