Allawi: "duds and corrupt" seek to undermine the Iraqi unit
Date: 2012-09-30 15: 33: 14 Sunday

Baghdad (newsletter) ... Leader/Iraqi/coalition Ayad Allawi, condemned by some political actors view documents affect existing codes found in archive Vice President sentenced to death in absentia Tareq al-Hashemi.
Allawi said in a statement received (News Agency news) on Sunday: that some political actors information feel free on some public opinion works "her lies" media to undermine national symbols and headed Coalition Iraqi leadership, a substitute for the national mind concern grow day after day.

He added: the issue of a document ascribed to Allawi found in archive al Hashimi, affect existing spokesman maysoon Al-damluji, in pursuit of "unsuccessful" to discredit Iraqi unit based on bets and corrupt duds.

Said: that the document baseless, Ms. Al-damluji enjoys the full confidence of the President of the Iraqi leadership and Iraqi coalition, and is still essential in the corner and the media should turn to these things, and ensures real sources before adopting the./finished/d/s.