Talabani initiate contacts in Baghdad to begin holding national meeting
Date: Sunday 09/30/2012 10:08 AM

Baghdad / term, a
day after his return to the capital, Baghdad, proceed President Jalal Talabani said his contacts with the leaders of political blocs in order to prepare to meet the national relying upon in resolving the ongoing political crisis in the country .. Informed sources confirmed that the president, who returned to Baghdad yesterday and well determined to seek to resolve the contract that hinder the political process.
It is hoped that being in Baghdad intensive meetings with all political parties and leaders of blocs to discuss ways to bring the country out of the impasse of political and comprehensive solution and a national all outstanding issues.
said the presidency that President Talabani returned to Baghdad on Saturday evening from Sulaimaniya.
his part, said the spokesman behalf of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Jundiyani that "the President of the Republic will be completed in Baghdad for meetings where held bilateral meetings with political leaders before the announcement date of the broad national meeting of the political blocs."