100 Vice propose the enactment of the Federation Council
Date: Sunday 09/30/2012 09:34 AM

Baghdad / Mohammed Sabah
of the problems facing the political process for quite some time to disable some laws vitally important that the text of the Constitution as "the law of the Federation Council," which hampered several preclude approval at this time in the House of Representatives although the legislation is an update of the process political.

In the opinion of the Iraqi List, the adoption of this law needs to deal a unified political resolves all the problems and crises past and present, including voting on some laws broken into law of oil and gas, one of the conditions of the Kurdistan Alliance to resolve the crisis.
explained Kurdish lawmaker "there is a demand in advance of the (100) Deputy It is a different political blocs in order to vote on the law of the Federation Council, warning that the discussion of this law "will generate we have a lot of political problems between the parties." and ruled out a coalition of state law to vote on the proposed law for the time being due to lack of political consensus upon between the political blocs command Who needs a long time.
was Law Council of the Union of laws broken long ago because of the lack of political consensus on the approval in addition to several laws relating to the management the federal government and organize their work, including the oil and gas law, which is one of the laws that raised problems between the center and the region on wealth management oil and control in the country.
At a meeting with (long) A member of the legal committee and MP for the coalition of state law just al-Maliki said the Law Council of the Union "arrived from the presidency of the Council of Representatives to our committee a proposal to the law a few days before the end of the second legislative term," noting that this Council will consist of two representatives from each province irregular province (15 province only) and shall, where numbering (30) people are through them choose a president and two vice presidents by voting procedure.
Constitution provides in Article (48) that the legislative branch consists of House of Representatives and the Federation Council, which will be supportive to him and a strong supporter of legislation some important laws pertaining to the Iraqi state.
believes cute Mustafa MP for mass change Kurdish in an interview with the (long) "that the law of the Federation Council of the important laws that give rise to differences and objections from all parties Political being one of the complementary laws for the work of the Iraqi parliament and the political process, where it states to protect the rights provinces and territories and defend their rights, "and pointed out that this law made ​​now by the (100) Deputy and from different political blocs proposal to the law and not a draft submitted by the federal government it which requires legal committee studied in detail which engaged on it two months ago and is the final wording and offered to parliament if completed.
"This the first time that discusses the House of Representatives a draft law proposal Federation Council, noting there are no political bloc reduce this time have objections or obstruct or delay the adoption of this law, but he also, coming days will witness Shada and attractive among the various political blocs because everyone wants to impose conditions and requirements Currently did not show any mass protest, which needs a long time for the completion of the final wording him.
He pointed out that "this council represents a turning point in the political process for the better because it powers many of them participate in the enactment and legislation of laws and should take its approval before the vote and acknowledgment on any law, explaining can this Council to veto any law in general is more like the Senate, where Some federal systems give this council the rights and powers of the legislative, executive and keep things under discussion between the political blocs to find a suitable mechanism for approval and organization of work.
between cute that "the political blocs want to initially be there two representatives for each province regularly province or irregular and Baghdad four people either We Kurds Fenrid opposite and try to reduce the representatives of Baghdad like other governorates and raise the proportion of representation for the region in this Council more than the specified number of what to Kurdistan from the privacy of the country and economic importance.
For his part, Mohamed Khaldi MP for the Iraqi List and the existence of "political differences among the blocs about the adoption Law Council of the Union ", pointing out that this needs to be political deals and resolve all outstanding issues surrounding the political scene for a long time in addition to resolving the current crisis.
"It that the Kurdistan Alliance is determined to pass a law of oil and gas by all laws broken and that haunted political differences into law parties and the Federation Council and the Council of Federal service and law districts, counties and judges of the Federal Court, "adding that this has led to suspension of work Executive Sharii at the present time.
concluded the Iraqi List MP that the enactment of this Act and the laws broken need to deal leaders first row to conclude a political deal united by holding several meetings to discuss and resolve these matters in accordance with the Constitution.