Date: 2012-09-30 14: 04: 26 Sunday
Economic Committee member: law of Basra Iraq economic capital faces objections and will resolve successfully

Baghdad (newsletter) ... Economic Committee member denied Deputy/National Alliance Amer Al-Fayez, differences among political blocs to Basra economic capital of Iraq or any intentions to make Basra a separate territory, saying, postpone the second reading of the law got there important laws on the agenda of the House.
Insitute (News Agency news) on Sunday: that Basra is now ready to be Iraq's economic capital, but you need to act in order to take full part and full rights to economic capital of Iraq.

He added that Basra has a strategic geographical location and has considerable human and economic capacities and is better than other provinces to hold this post.
Fayez said: the law of economic capital Basra Iraq will resolve successfully, and is the only law that didn't get it and political differences will be discussed for the second time after 14/11/2012./finished/21. d. o/