Expert: dinar exchange rate against the dollar would drop more in the coming days by effective central bank actions
Date: 2012-09-30 13: 09: 34 Sunday

Baghdad (newsletter) ... The Economist said Majid, mock US dollar exchange rate is declining and the dinar will equal in the next few days, praising Central Bank actions "successful" reduce the dinar against the dollar.
Mock said (News Agency news) on Sunday: that one important factor for the high dollar exchange rate dinar last summer months are high demand and low supply and exploitation of citizens banking companies to lift the dollar, prompting the Central Bank to increase the supply in the auction currency. He added: the success of Central Bank actions in reducing the dollar against the Iraqi dinar will make dollar Iraqi dinar per few days ahead.
Mock said: the decline of the dollar merely demand cash and money orders, indicating that hawala dealer obtained through banks and banking companies circulated official price, cash demand by citizens through the exchange offices reduced to dependence on supply and demand./finished/21. d. o/