Deputy for the National Coalition: intensive meetings between the blocs on the law of infrastructure
Ali Abdullah - 09/29/2012 - 7:17 pm

Revealed a member of the Iraqi National Coalition single moguls National Alliance for the start of this day intensive meetings between her coalition and the National Alliance and the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance to reach the participants lead to approving a bill to infrastructure. said Magda Tamimi in a press statement that "meetings between the National Alliance and the Alliance will be held Starting today in addition to the blocks of the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List in order to reach subscribers lead to vote on the bill infrastructure. " said Tamimi that "the National Coalition does not oppose the vote on the draft law but seeks to include points five that will improve the project." did not succeed the House of Representatives on the first day yesterday of a bill passed infrastructure because of the opposition of the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance. delayed Presidency of the Council of Representatives vote on the draft law on Monday, had been expecting Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki earlier not to pass the law because of political differences. The bill submitted by the government to set up infrastructure projects in a manner payment on credit worth up to $ 42 billion. foot the bill since the previous parliamentary session valued at $ 72 billion and rejected political backgrounds as the government says, was re-launched in a number of ways in the current session.