Intense political activity in preparation for the national meeting

30/9/2012 0:00
Talabani in Baghdad .. The deputies acknowledge the difficulty of his mission

BAGHDAD - morning
sees parliamentarians that the political situation has become more acceptable among the political parties after the return of President Jalal Talabani of flight treatment, and that the coming days will witness a move intensive solutions, and predicted that contribute previous meetings with preparations current in achieving positive steps towards resolving the problems and bring the views, as did not hide some lawmakers fear of holding blocks ceiling demands referring to the difficult task of the president, who arrived in Baghdad yesterday evening from Sulaimaniya.
said a presidential statement received »Sabah» copy of it yesterday, that Talabani is hoped that being in Baghdad intensive meetings with all political parties and leaders of blocs to discuss ways to bring out the country from the intractability of political and comprehensive solution and a national all outstanding issues.
Moreover, MP for the National Alliance Abdul Hussein Abtan in a statement »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network»: »that coming days will witness political mobility in an attempt to gather the political parties at the dialogue table to resolve part of the crisis to be the start to move towards the implementation of reforms and the adoption of mechanisms that contribute to resolve issues other ».
while admitted member of the Kurdistan Alliance Chuan Mohamed Taha in a statement »Center Brief Network Iraqi media there is a lull between Kurdish forces and political parties, but he predicted that fuel the infrastructure Act situation somewhat 'stressing' the intention of the political blocs to resolve the current situation.