Damluji for "Khandan": a delegation headed by Allawi will visit President Talabani upon his return to Baghdad
05:18:29 / 09/2012
An earlier meeting between the President Talabani

Khandan - revealed a spokeswoman for the Iraqi List, Maysoon al, and of the Iraqi delegation headed by the head of the list, Iyad Allawi will visit President Jalal Talabani upon his return to Baghdad.

Damluji said the site "Khandan" that the leader of the Iraqi National List of Iyad Allawi was being phone calls with President Talabani during his presence in Germany for treatment, revealing another phone over the past week between the two parties.

Damluji said that a delegation headed by Iraqi President Iyad Allawi list will visit the President of the Republic Baghdad Foraudth.

And a proposed definition of the mandate of the three presidencies (the Republic, ministers, members of parliament), Damluji stressed the need for the adoption of this proposal by the Sadrist movement, because Iraq from emerging democratic states need this law, noting that the proposed Matrouh of the Presidium of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.