Maliki's coalition wants a majority government if a national meeting difference life
Date: Sunday 09/30/2012 09:33 AM

Baghdad / Tamim Jubouri
mention a known political leaders blocks of winning the 2010 elections and during the early stages of forming the government did not want to continue Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki at the head of the new government, but he convinced them to reverse their position after that and promised to be a new version differs from what it was in the first term.

He notes the political known that this happened despite the fact that al-Maliki had hit in his first all pledges made ​​during the taking office in 2006.
Sadrists were more affected by the policy-Maliki during that era, it was thrown - according to leaders in the mainstream - many followers line movement in detention under Article "4 terrorism" and the latest so gap did not bridge to the day with the owners of the forty seats in the House of Representatives in the recent parliamentary elections.
confirms members of the Sadrist movement that their leader Moqtada al-Sadr is to support Maliki and brought him to power for the second time , but just days after the National Alliance support for the government headed by al-Maliki, referring to the non-approval of efforts to withdraw confidence from him, the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr sharply criticized the party Maliki's Dawa.
charges new owners and the Dawa Party appeared this time heavyweight including charging the call by playing on sectarian tendon. In response to a question by a Sadr's followers on a statement of some members of the Dawa Party that victory doctrine is the survival of al-Maliki as prime minister, a man sole and any criticism of him and the government in the interest of his enemies and harm doctrine, Sadr said in answer brief "are playing on sectarian and lose."
was Sadr denied earlier that there will be political pressure which forced his movement on the alliance with al-Maliki to form a government, noting that he was forced to do so. Sadr responded to third question to his followers that he had tried with other Alliance (Maliki) to improve the situation of services in the country, but they did not succeed. He added, concerning the dumping some people blame the Sadrists because an alliance with al-Maliki and accepted by the prime minister and the statements made ​​by the leader of the Sadrist movement of that political action is not without pressure: I did not say there pressure but having.
participated chest in meetings Arbil, which included President Jalal Talabani The Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani and the Iraqi leader Ayad Allawi and parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi, and put attendees plan of 18 items to repair the political process in addition to agreements Erbil, which he considered the final statement of the meeting the foundation from which the National Conference.
disagreed Maliki with its Kurds on oil laws and gas, and the general budget, and salaries of the Peshmerga, and export of oil, and entered the federal government with the region in disputes over powers.
either Iraqi List led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi has tried to Maliki's coalition divided, says MP for the coalition of state law Hamad Chihod that "Iraq has in the inside Tiara is a national refused to withdraw confidence from the Maliki. " He adds Chihod "long" to "Dialogues Maliki concentrated with the parties in the Iraqi List, not a whole."
seemed clear in recent days that the convergence remarkable happened between Maliki and parliament speaker Osama Nujaifi through the exchanges, and support Najafi initiative of President of the Republic the last decade the national meeting . Most say the parties of the political process on the different visions of how to solve Allazmat successive that "paper reform and national meeting is the way the latter to reach a political solution that satisfies all parties."
But Maliki back again varies with its partners have made ​​a coalition of state law to great lengths to persuade some parties to return to National Meeting box that was rejected by al-Maliki initially claiming "the elections and resorting to the Constitution." Paper political reform adopted by the "National Alliance", although the rest of the blocks even within the coalition on the vagueness and underestimated, but it was confirmed on some items "unwritten" including passing some laws "general amnesty and naming ministers of security, oil and gas," But parliament refused to vote on the amnesty law was enough to destroy what is left of the road to "national meeting".
leader of the Iraqi bloc white closeup of Maliki Aziz Sharif Mayahi Prime Minister yesterday called the "Resolution of a government of national partnership and the formation of a political majority government." The Mayahi, according a statement that "the current government that is supposed to be a government partnership and cooperation to build the country became due will some blocks known paralyzed and unable to provide basic services for the Iraqi people."
and added that "al-Maliki demands of today broke the partnership in the government with the forces that working to foreign agendas service work through to block any project to serve the Iraqi people and to go to the formation of a political majority government in collaboration with the national forces that want the interest of the country. " To break up the partnership between al-Maliki and other parties confirmed by a source close to state law, who preferred not to be named, says that "in the event of failure of the national meeting will not stay in front of al-Maliki only a political majority government." In return for this insists the Iraqi List and the rest of the scientific political parties refer to the option of withdrawing confidence or interrogate al-Maliki.