Experts are preparing the final accounts of real evaluation of government performance

Date: Sunday 09/30/2012 07:37 AM

 Baghdad / Ahmed Abed Rabbo
expressed Economists satisfaction by the arrival of the final accounts for the year 2011 to the BSA as they represent real evaluation of the performance of the government, calling at the same time the need to expedite audited. economist said as Abdul Hadi's (range):

The lack of a final accounting would add blur to a scene Muserfat state in addition to the difficulty of detection joints of financial corruption and stalling projects, pointing out that on the basis of these data formulated the next year's budget. Abdul Hadi added: The statistics in the accounts based upon the legislative authority to adopt some laws which serve as a strong reference which can benefit politicians and economists, pointing to the possibility of trade-offs between the ministries in the volume of completed projects. For his part, welcomed the economic expert Majid picture delivered the final accounts to the Office of Financial Supervision, calling at the same time to expedite the Court audit.He said the picture's (range): The numbers and statistics in the accounts could be based in the preparation of the general budget because it is supposed to proceed on the basis of the general budget.And called for the rapid adoption of next year's budget to afford the utmost importance on the reality of the individual in particular. He announced the BSA for the arrival of the final accounts for the year 2011 to the Bureau, while praised the central bank move, confirmed to economic and investment commission parliamentary that the completion of the final accounts will be delayed due to the unwillingness of some ministries reveal reluctance in the implementation of projects. The head of the Office of Financial Supervision Abdel Basset Turki said in press statements that "the final accounts for the year 2011 reached the Court, having returned to the Ministry of Finance to complete all their shortcomings, which is now subject to scrutiny." He predicted Turkish that "delayed Diwan little audit process, because this year will be applied to checking cross on the data and the final accounts, in the sense that we will try in the ministries or in circles that have large expenses to match the results of our audit of these ministries independently with results obtained from the Ministry of Finance", stressing that "all the conditions will be completed before the end of this year." For his part, praised the deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh step, "he said, adding that they have not achieved eight years ago and it is necessary to assess the financial performance of the state and exchange knowledge of aspects of government and ways of spending." Saleh added that "the importance of these final accounts, no matter where the failures of negative indicators, etc. But at least show the level of competencies and performance of fiscal policy." In turn confirmed a member of the Committee on the economy and investment parliamentary Nahida Daini that "the completion of the final accounts will be delayed due to the unwillingness of some ministries to disclose the reluctance on the implementation of the projects."Daini noted that "some of the ministries so far has projects have not been announced or disbursement of the year 2012 for that," arguing that "This is a disaster that fiscal year, ending and the amount of money not spent." According to observers, the arrival of the final accounts may be an early indication of the adoption of the budget for next year, while the fate of the final accounts for the last number of years unknown until this moment. It is noteworthy that budgets Federal public takes a long time each year until it is approved by the House of Representatives, which is causing disabling most of the projects, underlining specialists that gives an excuse first companies implementing projects in the disruption or lag, which reflected negatively on the services.