Kurdistan Alliance: a coalition of state law did not succeed in persuading the masses to vote on the law infrastructure
Saturday, September 29 / September 2012 19:20 | : Ambassador News | | |

{Baghdad Ambassador: News}

Criticized Spokesman Kurdistan Alliance bloc MP supporter Tayyip style throw charges from a coalition of state law for their partners politicians.
said Tayeb in a press statement received by the agency Ambassador Uznschh him today that: "Law infrastructure payment term in reality is a loan long-term, and that the coalition state law did not succeed in persuading other political blocs to vote for him so far, as that state law refuses to take most of the observations and suggestions of these blocks on this law into consideration. " He said: "Kurdistan Alliance has commentary about the need to identify projects each sector separately, The region's share of the projects and its role in identifying and participating in the contract and the right to choose between competing companies, as we share with objectors others on the bill in our fear that there is scope for further financial corruption, he has not documented any controls precautionary, "adding:" The These observations we have made ​​to the rule of law that we expect them to resort to dialogue Pacific to convert the project to a formula that can نتوافق about it. " and continued: "The Congress state law resorted instead dialogue that we have been waiting, to the media and seemed Aikla accusations that the other political blocs opposing This law deprived the poor of housing and citizens of potable water, health care and deprived students from studying in the school buildings decent. " said Tayeb said: "such a method in accusations of other political blocs as is keen on building and reconstruction of Iraq, and try to show that the coalition of state Law is the only one who is keen on the interest of the people, is the style resort only rulers in totalitarian regimes, not in a democratic, pluralistic country where building the political process on the basis of balance and harmony and partnership.