Expressed by President Jalal Talabani, expressed satisfaction with the touch of keen interest to all political parties to reach a comprehensive solution to all outstanding issues and problems.

This came during a meeting with a delegation from the Iraqi Islamic Party included Mohsen Abdul Hamid, head of the Central Advisory Council of the party, and the Secretary-General Ayad al-Samarrai of the Iraqi Islamic Party, and a large number of deputies and members of the Political Bureau of the Party.

The presidential statement quoted Talabani reiterated during the meeting on his quest to continue to work and efforts to bring the views and promoting the political process.

Talabani stressed the "importance of creating a breeding ground and a healthy atmosphere suitable available with the right climate to go to serious dialogues."

He pointed out that "all of this is available and is based on solid ground when there is mutual trust offered candor and disclosure of goals and listen to the voice and needs of the other."