Disrespectful calls for the development of national constants springboard for oil and gas law
Date: Saturday 09/29/2012 07:33 am

Baghdad / Ali writer
called parliamentarians and specialists in regard oil to the need to uphold national principles Kmentalqat key in conjunction with the formation of a committee to finalize the law of oil and gas in the Council of Representatives, which they described responsibility of the Grand National which had the responsibility of parliamentarians, but also for civil society organizations role more important at the current stage.

A member of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives Nahida Daini said the law after agreeing to approve the final version will be the index's important for the energy sector in general and oil in particular, and its growth and prosperity in the future, which stands against approval yet political considerations rather than economic Ksalahiat center and regions and provinces, and others.
added The draft law for the year 2007 hit a wall lack consensus between the political blocs and the absence of political consensus some provinces their exposure to injustice, especially those that have fields of oil and here lies the essential point of the subject, which is controversial always in the ownership of oil resources, whether those demands by making them at the disposal of the central government as a king for the Iraqi people in general.
drew the importance to be coordinating an integrated and shared between the center and regions and provinces on the subject of contracting with international companies, with the need to post the provinces in those negotiations according to the percentage of population where, and likely to be approved a series of laws during the current session without migrated to the House of Representatives at its next session.
The director of the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform Kamal Basri's (range) that talk about forming a parliamentary committee to prepare the final draft of oil and gas law leads us in the direction towards upholding our national principles towards oil wealth, which is that oil is a national treasure seen as an important source and really all future generations, and here are the federal government that represents all that is has the right to dispose of it and that of their responsibilities to achieve justice in the distribution between citizens without regions and provinces.
adding that oil is also considered a strategic asset and a source of support for sovereignty and unity National at home and maximize its role abroad, where the contribution to GDP by about (55%) and (92%) of the revenues of the federal budget, and the oil is also the main source for the reconstruction and development of Iraq, and its role in promoting the status of Iraq's industrial, agricultural and raise its competitiveness, and what it requires from contracting with foreign companies to get the resources and modern technologies.
, as well as one of the constants that must be for moving to prepare the final wording of the labor law on the administration of oil by the Iraqi company specialized rely on management and formed the principle of good governance because of its political overtones The positive economic.
and pointed out that the government make some concessions in order to pass a package of laws The Parliament currently issued in the coming period, especially because we stop shop at the moment on the stage of political reconciliation between the political blocs that fall, including the ratification of a number of laws.
to This confirmed a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Uday Awad said there destinations described Palmtnfzh working to prevent approval of oil and gas law and seek without call to keep the situation as it is, noting that what is going on in the political circles of the topics on legislation that law is told media and non- real. The Presidency of the Council of Representatives has decided on 13 of Sept. forming a small committee to study the points of contention on the law of oil and gas and the development of new draft of the Law, where he confirmed House Speaker Osama Nujaifi that the government is serious in working on legislation law by combining two draft bill for 2007 and 2011, said First Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Qusay al-Suhail said the Cabinet called for the adoption of the draft in 2011 but not others.