High Nassif calls Allawi to submit a report to Parliament on his recent visit to Kuwait
Friday, September 28 / September 2012 10:54

MP for the coalition called the Iraqi Free high Nassif, head of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, to “provide a detailed report to the House of Representatives on his recent visit to Kuwait and achievements that led to it.”

The Nassif said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Friday, said that “Allawi’s visit to Kuwait may vary of course from the rest of foreign visits of the leaders of the political blocs in many ways, the most important they visit the state between them and Iraq files extremely complex, all Iraq was and still is the only loser, in addition to the fact that Kuwait is the reason to keep Iraq under Chapter VII. “

It added that “Allawi, unfortunately, had not seen us any statement after his previous visits to Kuwait, when talking about the outcome of his talks with Kuwaiti officials on resolving any file of the outstanding issues between the two sides, like a deal with Kuwait also deals with any other country, we do not have them any differences, making her visits to I take, but the nature of the friendship that has nothing to do with all the problems that exist on the ground, and that the Iraqi people aspire to find just solutions to them. “

She stressed Nassif “the need to provide Allawi detailed report to the House after returning from Kuwait, to tell us and to inform the Iraqi people on the results of this visit, and what has been settled differences between the two sides on the port of Mubarak and the seventh item and resolution 833 and the oil wells border and elsewhere.”

The head of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, had already left for Kuwait on Thursday on an unannounced visit .