For the security and defense committee welcomes the efforts of the parliamentary Maliki to buy aircraft and weapons from Russia

Welcomed the security and defense committee in parliament endeavor carried out by Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for the purchase of aircraft and weapons from Russia, stressing We demand by others need to build military establishment.
said committee member Iskandar and berries in an interview with the correspondent of the Iraq Central News "WAM" that Prime Minister when he saw that the military needs to sophisticated weapons at the moment comparable to existing weapons in neighboring countries where Iraq needs to weapons of air defense and air force and equipment intelligence to support the military. stressed that today requires Parliament historic responsibility to support the Prime Minister in building military institution and because it is the power to defend the honor and security of Iraq and its soil, indicating that the prime minister the right to buy any weapons to build this Iraqi institution. He and berries that planned to buy weapons from Russia next month is to not Tardah but defensive about Iraq, where the Iraqi people today calling and demanding the parliament and government to strengthen and support the military establishment in the form required to be able to this institution to carry out their duties