Parliament is likely to increase the income of the citizen and the high level of living in the coming years
Date: 28/09/2012 08:21:17 Friday

Baghdad (news) .. Expect a member of the Economic Committee MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Jassim Mohammed Hussein, Iraqi increasing per capita income and high level of living over the next few years due to the presence of future indicators to increase the production and export of oil and increase the salaries of employees and retirees.

Hussein said (of the Agency news): There are indications future indicate the presence of increases in the production and export of oil as well as the House of Representatives is determined to enact laws supporting the salaries of employees and retirees and the law of the distribution ratio (25%) of oil imports to the people and this will increase the income individual high average level of living.

He continued: But the process needs to good management and planning successful and clear future vision for the government and that does not differentiate between Straighten people in the distribution of wealth, especially in the draft law distribution ratio (25%) of the fiscal surplus of any limited to a particular class without another community.

He noted: that people want to feel that the owner of this natural wealth through access to a certain percentage of fiscal revenue realized from the sale of oil, calling for hiring all the money received from oil projects strategy for the development of economic sectors as well as increasing the salaries of retirees and employees.