Date: 28/09/2012 08:29:25 Friday

Baghdad (news) .. expect MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Said the Messenger, that the political blocs to waive some of their demands with elections approaching, he said, adding that 70% of disputes resolved through dialogue.

Messenger said in a statement (of the Agency news): The differences between the political blocs existed since the election because of the power struggle.

He added: that the solution to the differences depend on the structure of the political blocs to sit down at the negotiating table and put all the differences on the table, and expected to start the political blocs to waive Shi and take something else to be resolved problems that can not be control politicians by remote control or by the media.

And Rahj MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs: resolving the problems, but this is not done through a single meeting between the political parties because the problems large and deep, noting that the political process is now in "trouble" and not resolving differences Vtneks those differences on the street and there will be a loose security and instability.

And between Said: that the political blocs will begin to waive with began counting waiver for the elections to prove every point they "reformer" to political problems for the largest number of votes in the upcoming elections, noting that 70% of the differences can be resolved through dialogue.

The head / block white / MP Jamal watermelon, favored a change in the upcoming provincial elections, pointing out that it will be a starting point to fix the situation that pleased no one.

The melon in an earlier statement (the news): The way the country currently impassable from all political, service and economic, and still struggle political interests present par excellence and the people in the valley of poverty and politicians in the valley of bliss.