Doubts about the national meeting held to resolve the political crisis
Date: Friday 09/28/2012 06:41 am
Baghdad / term
MP for the coalition in Iraq Falah al-Naqib, the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi will lead the coalition dialogues with other blocs in the coming period and chairs the parliamentary sessions, as the first stages of the strategic plan prepared by the last month.
Said Capt. of the Agency news Thursday that Allawi has decided not to leave the country only to certain situations, and will attend parliament sessions and manages discussions and dialogues himself has been reported to all coalition members need to attend and abide by the decisions head of the list.
and continued there will be radical changes and firm decisions after careful reflection, including the dimensions of each who does not adhere line national and interests of the country and end the dispute and control of the maturity of the Iraqi electoral start of appoint youngest employee to top ministerial post, and will witness the coming period mobility ملحوضا and coherent between members of the Iraq.
contrast questioned MP for the coalition in Iraq free high Nassif, seriously political blocs to hold meeting National, noting that the political blocs in conflict proxy for foreign countries.
said Nassif in a press statement questioning the structure of the political blocs to hold national meeting because the politicians and decision-makers do not have civil to manage the country through dialogue.
said that the conflict between the political blocs "proxy" for states abroad because they represent the will of external do not want the country's stability and do not want there to be an agreement between the political parties.
indicated Iraqi MP free to there may be meetings and dialogues and the disintegration of some files, but could not hold it a national conference, comprehensive and lead the country to safety.
than Japinh ruled out the head of the Iraqi Free MP Qutaybah Jubouri, repair situation politicians through the national meeting is anticipated, and described it as a "drama" for distracting the Iraqi street by and useless.
Jubouri said in a press statement Thursday useless from the national meeting, because there are some actors that impede the holding of the meeting and any solution poses political problems.
pointed free Iraqi MP that some politicians have become tools of regional countries to move within the country, but he also said: The national meeting stillborn and intentions of his contract is not clear. According to a member State of Law coalition National Alliance MP Adel Faddaalah Maliki, lack of indicators until now to identify a national meeting.
MP said Maliki in a statement to the Agency news: The national meeting is the last chance for political blocs during the current parliamentary session to resolve political problems, explaining, that until now did not specify a date for the meeting and the substance of the meeting has not been resolved is perhaps integrate participants Securities Erbil - Najaf and paper reform.
In a related context expressed the Kurdistan Alliance for optimism can leaders of political blocs to resolve differences as there intentions sincere to correct the political process.
Ahmad said in a statement (of the Agency news) hope to hold national meeting soon after the return of President Jalal Talabani, to Baghdad to start dialogues and reach a solution to resolve the crisis.
added that the political blocs would reach a solution to the disputes if there are real intentions honest and restore confidence and participation The real decision-making.
expressed MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs: the hope that come the leaders of the political blocs to agree on differences at the national meeting after making concessions on all sides in the national interest of the country.
was the leader of the coalition of the center MP for the coalition in Iraq Khalid al-Alwani, ruled introduce new solutions by the political blocs to resolve the problems between them, and that the absence of the will of the true coalition of state law to reform the current situation.
said Alwani in an earlier statement that the return of President Jalal Talabani of the capital Baghdad does not solve the political crisis
and pointed deputy national to: the leaders of the blocks Political realized they are negotiating separately from the people's demands, indicating, the lack of agreement the leaders of the political blocs to hold the meeting, due to loss of confidence among them
and witnessed the efforts of the National Conference planned, the throes of difficult, where all the political blocs is counting on the return of President Jalal Talabani for his contract, but things differed after Talabani's return from Germany, as a result of the intransigence of political opponents, and constant bickering of interest to them.