Maliki threatens to withdraw law infrastructure amnesty
Date: Friday 09/28/2012 06:34 am

Baghdad / term
decided the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Thursday, to postpone the vote on the law infrastructure to further notice, due to disagreements on some of its clauses. The Chairman of the Commission services in the House of Representatives Vian Dakhil said in an interview for "Alsumaria News",
"The Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided during the meeting of the 25 of the first legislative term of the year legislative third held, yesterday, to postpone the law infrastructure to notice."
and attributed the intruder causes postponement of the law to "the continuing differences between the political blocs on some of its clauses."
It was Congress alliance Kurdistan and the Iraqi List has withdrawn Thursday, from the parliament session to protest the re-vote on the law infrastructure.
said Kurdistan Alliance MP Said Khoshnaw in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "The presidency of the Council of Representatives decided during the meeting of the 25 of the first legislative term of the year legislative third session, yesterday, the vote on the law infrastructure after postponed until further notice. "
He Khoshnaw that "Congress of the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List withdrew from the session to protest the decision to re-vote on the law."
as suggested MP for the Iraqi List, Nahida Daini, Thursday , to be voted on legal amnesty and infrastructure in one basket, stressing that most of the laws passed by consensus through political deal since the beginning of the formation of the government and even now.
said Aldiagn in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "Law infrastructure which is supported by state law The general amnesty law which is supported by the Sadrist bloc and Iraq will not be voted upon only together in one basket, "arguing that" amnesty will not pass unless there is a law of an equivalent convince the other party to vote on it. "
said Dani that "since the beginning of the formation of the government and so far Most laws passed by consensus through a political deal. "
and The Council of Representatives, on Thursday, its the 25 of the first legislative term of the year legislative third headed by Speaker Osama Najafi and the presence 230 deputies, with parliamentary source that the meeting will vote on the User ninth in the High Commission Independent Electoral and five bills notably legal infrastructure and a general amnesty.
while meeting witnessed majority voting to grant the seat ninth in the Electoral Commission for elections to the candidate Turkmen Khan Kamal Ali.
In a new development site said close to the prime minister said the latter, refused to link the vote on the project structures infrastructure swaps vote on the amnesty law in its current form that comes out criminals murderers and bandits, saying: We Sntkhaly for approval of the draft structures if insisted some to pass amnesty law with him.
added site in a flash published yesterday that al-Maliki pointed out that the draft law infrastructure which was developed in 2009 and was among the bills that have been disabled and the delay on the grounds that the law represents propaganda of the government and therefore the citizen and the state have become a victim of political conflicts, once again reiterated the need to pass a bill infrastructure which is part of the development of the GNP.
adding that "everyone be aware that our differences should not be part of the process of harming citizens, because the citizen is the victim and the victim in for political differences. "
Maliki confirmed that objectors to the draft law infrastructure in Parliament arguing fears of operations corruption, lies the reason intercepted real because this project goes the way for their interests and their companies and their corruption
and Maliki said that all countries in the world, and especially those that have oil reserves, focusing on how large projects to build their country to serve all its citizens, and we have to differentiate between the debt of the former regime as a result of his reckless and wars and debt developmental end increase the GNP. "
On the other hand, denied the Secretary-General of the Iraqi bloc white beauty of watermelon, make any deal to pass the General Amnesty Law for passing infrastructure.
said in a statement issued the first Wednesday that the law infrastructure serves the public interest and not the interest of the Prime Minister alone or block certain and will have a positive effect on the reality of urban in Iraq.
added: The pass amnesty law this formula would anger the Iraqi street, because it will come out the killers and terrorists from prison, and that's what we do not want even lattes repeated tragedy past years.
stressed: the need to move away from the launch remarks the existence of a deal to approve a legal amnesty and infrastructure, so as to approve all laws that concern the people of Iraq in accordance with the Constitution and in accordance with the principle of preserving the dignity of everyone.
noteworthy that some of the leaders of parliamentary blocs demanding the adoption of the amnesty law to include accused criminals according to Article 4 terrorism who proved conviction against them crimes maximum murder The kidnapping and robbery and assault on public and private funds and the violation of state sovereignty.
and the heads of parliamentary blocs in the House of Representatives, last Tuesday, a meeting headed by Osama Najafi to discuss law infrastructure and resolve the candidate's ninth Independent High Commission for Elections, where participants agreed to postpone the law infrastructure, which was scheduled that vote on it during a session of the Council of 24, to yesterday's session.
The head of the Liberal bloc parliamentary Bahaa al internalized within the National Alliance, at the 24 September 2012, that there are two approaches politicians in project infrastructure, pointing out that the National Alliance with the law in principle, what was seen as the failure of the House of Representatives to approve the law before the holiday legislative will in a news was.
as MP for the coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati, that there is almost an agreement between the political blocs to pass a law infrastructure, pointing out that the parliament session will finalize the law , as it was considered not vote on it his political goals he wants them to disable services.
called Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, during a press conference held at the parliament building on the sidelines hosted, to vote on the bill infrastructure, while stressing that the project includes removing excesses and finding solutions for bypassing, pointed out that he will be contracted with companies sober in countries Japan, Korea and China to implement infrastructure projects, also called the House of Representatives to allocate $ 37 billion for the advancement of infrastructure in the country.
denied MP for the coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod, the existence of any deal to pass the legal amnesty and infrastructure.
mentions that the law of the reconstruction of infrastructure and service sectors witnessed louder dispute between the parliamentary blocs, forcing the House of Representatives on August 30, 2012 to postpone the vote.