In a speech delivered on his behalf at the memorial for the anniversary of the [14] of the martyrdom of Mr. Mohammed Mohammed Sadeq al-Sadr (Jerusalem)
Talabani, the current crisis in the country whenever prolonged increased risks and ways to treat complicated
Baghdad / justice - 09/27/2012 - 12:20 AM

President Jalal Talabani said the current crisis in the country whenever prolonged increased risk and complicated ways to treat and get out of it.And the transfer of a presidential statement yesterday Talabani said in a speech delivered on his behalf by his political advisor Jalal Almacth ceremony memorial to the memory of the [14] of the martyrdom of the religious authority, Mr. Mohammed Mohammed Sadeq al-Sadr (Jerusalem) that "move our country toward the banks of security and stability, justice and modernity and prosperity requires foremost that characterize accurate diagnosis and frank status quo and recognize that crisis current whenever prolonged increased risk and complicated ways treated and out. "
and "We also continue not contribute to addressing the many problems facing us, but may expand security gaps and provide an incubator for powerful anti-political process and aimed at disabled, and complicate efforts to fight corruption and hindering the work aimed at upgrading services and ensure optimal use of the resources of the state to ensure the needs of citizens and ensure their lives under the freedoms and laws stipulated by the Constitution. "
He Talabani "Obviously there visions and ideas different and potentially diverging on how to end crisis, but this variation should not become a factor to deepen the divide between the parties, but must search for commonalities and denominators that do not end necessarily differences but we share a compromise acceptable. "
He explained, "I was keen and I'm in Mchwei abroad and after returning healthy help God beloved homeland to sustain communication and consultation with all leaders and political forces and we will continue these dialogues days after Baghdad's authorization of the Almighty. " and stressed Talabani that "in order to respect dialogue and produce inevitable that beset a healthy atmosphere in the forefront of ending the state of chaos and stop media campaigns mutual, as should the dialogue on solid ground of mutual trust offered by openness and disclosure of goals and listen to the voice of the other and needs. " and stressed that "reform situation is not intentions whatever concluded, but the development and approval of the paper agreed national forum Mosque be its reference Constitution and take into account all the agreements and previous initiatives, and be a road map for each of the legislative and executive branches and a framework for joint action without exceeding any party on the powers of the other party. " Talabani said that "Mr. Mohammed Mohammed Sadeq al-Sadr [holy] and one of the telecom lighthouses in his life, and tomorrow his death and his two sons proof that rebels on unfair naysayers humiliation يترفعون for minor minimum and Istr_khason life for the sake of goals high and such sublime and became Mattrth certain inspired Iraqis him determination and inspiration in their march towards building a country free from tyranny and injustice ensure his children a decent life