Member State law: there are no signs for a national meeting as a result of the loss of trust between the leaders of the blocks
Date: 27/09/2012 09:17:56 Thursday

Baghdad (news) .. According to a member State of Law Coalition MP / National Alliance / Adel Faddaalah Maliki, lack of indicators until now to identify a national meeting.
MP said Maliki in a statement (of the Agency news) on Thursday: The national meeting is the last chance for political blocs during the parliamentary session Current resolve political problems, adding that until now did not specify a date for the meeting and the substance of the meeting has not been resolved is perhaps integrate participants Securities (Erbil - Najaf) and paper reform. pointed deputy national to: that the leaders of the political blocs have realized that they are negotiating separately for the demands of the people, noting the lack of agreement the leaders of the political blocs to hold the meeting, due to the loss of trust among them.