National Alliance meets today to unite his attitude toward law infrastructure
Wednesday, September 26 / September 2012 08:56

Baghdad / Orr News
Political source revealed that the National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi sent a formal invitation to a coalition of state law for the convening of a meeting of the National Alliance today to get out a unified position on the bill on infrastructure.
The source said the Agency (UR) The "National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi as a member of the National Coalition face formal invitation yesterday to a coalition of state law for the purpose of meeting today of the National Alliance to agree on a draft law infrastructure before going to parliament session on Thursday."
The source explained that "a coalition of state law will not be convinced of the observations called the National Coalition entered the draft law as a condition for a vote."
And the President of the House of Representatives yesterday sat on Thursday as the date to vote on the bill infrastructure provided by the government $ 42 billion.