Wednesday, September 26, 2012Net announces obtain a final agreement on the amendment of the law infrastructure and a general amnesty

Agencies - announced member of the Legal Committee National Alliance MP Hussein Net, get a final agreement between the Presidency of the parliament and the political blocs to amend the points at issue infrastructure law and a general amnesty.Safi said in a press statement on Wednesday: The Thursday will vote on the legal together after deduction of parliamentary blocs it and need urgent and critical importance of the enactment of the serve process of construction and reconstruction and the other waiting for thousands to be plated many convicts and defendants without prejudice to the right of the year.
He added: that things are now more harmony and convergence between the blocks and the coming days will witness the legislation late Guanyin and other approval under study and discussion with tighter oversight role, which some describe as بالبارد result of differences experienced by last period blocs.