Congress: Iraq's participation in the meetings of the General Assembly will pave the exit from Chapter VII
09/26/2012 12:00 am

Confirmed that the delegation headed by Khuzaie will clarify the true picture of the situation in the country and discusses developments in the region
BAGHDAD - morning confirmed deputies and politicians importance of Iraq's participation in the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations to clarify the new image of the country and its relations with neighboring countries based on a culture of good neighborliness and respect for the views and decisions of the international community as a prelude out of Chapter VII. saw the National Alliance MP Abbas al-Bayati said Iraq's participation in the General Assembly of the United Nations gain great importance in the presentation of his views on regional and international developments, particularly that Iraq is the head of the Arab Games current Arab League also has the initiative in what with the case of Syria. said al-Bayati said in a statement to «Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network» that Iraq can through platform UN to achieve three main axes: firstly opposite political reality and security in Iraq after year 2005-2007 in order to indicate to the world that Iraq now stable and the evolution in the political process despite the presence of some of the problems, adding that the show actually political and security Besorth real through the San Iraqi officials is an important goal. continued MP said second axis is: reverse point of view and attitudes Iraq from regional crises and the Syrian crisis and the importance of the initiative Iraq In this regard, either the third axis is: It is possible to achieve the bilateral meetings successful during Iraq's participation in this conference taking place on the sidelines of this Assembly with the Heads of State and delegations in order to encourage them to invest and to come to Iraq and invited to benefit from the investment opportunities large enjoyed by Iraq. He al-Bayati said Iraq's participation The participation of economic and political check target politically, economically and regional role for Iraq, saying that the new Iraq is Iraq wants stability and peace in the world and the Arab region as well as being a leader of the Arab Group for this would be to his active role in this conference. said deputy that Iraq will demand directed of Chapter VII of the UN Charter on the basis of the progress of relations with Kuwait, adding that Iraq has met all its international obligations, in addition to setting up a mechanism to resolve disputes between Iraq and Kuwait, including qualifies to be a country full sovereignty and stability, especially that he had lived in the era of the dictatorship era concern and disorder. delegation arrived Iraq, headed by Vice President Dr. Khudair Khuzaie to New York on Tuesday evening to attend the work session of the (67) of the General Assembly of the United Nations, according to a statement issued by his office Khuzaie, noting that the vice president will meet with many of the leaders and heads of state to discuss the situation in the region and the world and strengthening bilateral relations. also praised MP Ali Alfalh in a statement to «Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network» the participation of Iraq in the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations. Alfalh counting Post «very important», saying: «should be careful Iraq by to clarify a new image of the country based on a culture of good neighborliness and a culture of respect international resolutions ». said Alfalh that Iraq should seek all that is appropriate, particularly that country enters his republic second, indicating that Iraq is a democratic country needs to be there to attend an international actor and the abolition of Iraq dictatorial aggressor with various countries around the world. The MP said this international forum is necessary at the moment, adding that Iraq's participation is very important in the dialogues side and look at the views of other States and to correct the view of some countries about the situation in Iraq and not letting states that have negative attitudes from Iraq to dictate its vision with him. For his part, MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Sherif Soliman that Iraq at this stage need to communicate with the international community. said Solomon in a statement »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network», that continues to Iraq with the General Assembly and the international community would give defended great start new page of relations with Arab and Islamic world and the countries of the world and the United Nations and all the decision-makers from the European Union. adding that «Iraq for a period of two decades was in isolation because of the policies of the dictatorial regime», adding that Iraq بترؤسه Arab summit in Baghdad and were followed by the Conference 5 + 1 left so a big impact and motivation in Iraq policy toward surroundings world and Arab ». and MP that Iraq did not get what we want from the international community despite the existence of interaction and support moral, but on a practical level did not get what he wants from the international community, noting that after years of change in the approach to Iraq, the sense of the international community has not lived up to the level of conviction. called Solomon Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should increase and intensify communication with the outside world and all international institutions in order to benefit from the international experience, noting that our goal is to raise Iraq and its people to the highest level. as praised MP Abdul Mahdi al-Khafaji, the participation of Iraq in these conferences and meetings, describing it as international forums, which must be part of Iraq where where his role in all files, whether regional or international. while noting Khafaji said Iraq's participation in such a forum is necessary, especially as the Iraq was absent due to the policy of the former regime, noting that he must participate today in all international conferences, and be an active member and be in Iraq footprint there. As mentioned MP in a statement »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network», said the delegation if he was able to understand what are the requirements and the need for his country of all the participating countries, it naturally be all the meetings and meetings meaningful and useful, considering the benefit of these meetings depend on the strength and effectiveness of the delegation that the gains and solve a lot of files, including removing Iraq from Chapter VII of the UN Charter.