Term Thursday with a list of objections .. Infrastructure and Amnesty year Istojban enter the heads of the blocks on a scale «Law Act!!

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Author: the future of Iraq

26/09/2012 12:00 am

The future of Iraq / Amjad Salah and Maha Badr
fee to postpone the vote on the legal infrastructure and a general amnesty to Thursday question marks on whether there is a political deal to Tmrerhma. It was interesting to consider that the discussion of these laws has an unusual way in the work of the House of Representatives, as necessitated that discussion a special meeting of heads of political blocs attended until the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi, who did not attend to the House of Representatives only once before this time during the current session. She MP for the Iraqi List, Nahida Daini believed the existence of a political deal which will be passed these laws. The Daini told singled out by «the future of Iraq» that «there is a vote on Thursday on a legal amnesty and infrastructure, including that he was added to bills together on the agenda of the House of Representatives on Thursday, there will be a consensus about them and deal with them according to the principle of the law of the law» on as she put it. The «There is no objection implicit by the authorities concerned on some paragraphs of the general amnesty law», noting that «there are laws can not be passed without a political consensus, and the general amnesty law one of these laws in addition to the law of the infrastructure, it is the laws Heavy is expected that passes with a general amnesty. shows the difference in the blocks that fall under the National Alliance on infrastructure law. Has demanded mass citizen, last Saturday, made ​​changes to the bill before voting on it in the House of Representatives, as pointed out that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki acknowledged the existence of some kind of corruption in the law. A member of the bloc Hamid vegetative «Infrastructure Act which was introduced by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to parliament with a lot of gaps that must be addressed before a vote in the House of Representatives, indicating that« the estimated budget of the law is about $ 40 billion. The vegetative that «Maliki acknowledged through hosted in the House of Representatives there some kind of corruption in the law», stressing the need to «ensure transparency in the law before voting on it and controls technical specialist to ensure there is no corruption in it and the right of future generations to wealth because Sakpl Iraq debts future ». The Liberal bloc has described the law, and on the tongues of deputies, as «an early election propaganda» and that «the draft right to be void. The MP said the Liberal bloc Mohammad Reza Khafaji yesterday «We have a lot of notes on the Law of the infrastructure as it contains clauses that dominated fuzzy and unclear, as he did not put radical solutions to the housing crisis and the electricity that aspire to the Iraqi people. He «The government's insistence on passing a law infrastructure, especially the presence of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to the House of Representatives to convince the importance of approval, came to throw the ball in the court of Parliament, it is a project right is intended to void, the government thus wants delude the Iraqi people seriously submission services by this law, although the House of Representatives is an obstacle in front of submission. The Kurdistan Alliance, has shown the other is refusing to approve infrastructure law, stressing that such refusal due to purely economic reasons and not stand behind political purposes. The head of the bloc Muhsin al-Sadoun said that «approve infrastructure law in this format will affect the economic situation of the country due to booking on oil imports for a long time. As MP for the National Alliance Mahma Khalil standing alliance with the law provided to make some amendments to it. He told the future of Iraq »« We infrastructure with the law and we approved it in principle, but it must be done to address the gaps in it, and demanded to be consistent with the provisions of the constitution. The «We made ​​our observations in writing to the committee responsible for the preparation of the law to be included in the paragraphs, has been keen in those notes to ensure that no overtaking on the public money.