News reports : requests to lift the immunity of four members ... of the House of Representatives: the vote on amnesty and infrastructure tomorrow

Union: I decided the Presidency of the Council of Representatives approached the Federal Court on the Law of the Federation Council. The department said in a statement to the House of Representatives media Tuesday that "House Speaker Osama Nujaifi

And presided over a meeting of the heads and representatives of blocs and parliamentary committees in the Council in the presence of First and Second Vice Qusay al-Suhail and Aref Tayfur was agreed to offer a proposal amnesty law to vote at a meeting on Thursday introduced the Telecommunications Law to vote at a meeting next Monday, has also been approached Federal Court on Article 65 and Article 137 of the Constitution and on the Law of the Federation Council. " "The meeting was devoted to a statement the final positions of the blocks of a bill payment on credit and service sectors and a proposed amnesty law and the law of the Federation Council and the Communications Act before being submitted to the vote." The statement pointed out that "the meeting decided to assign the Finance Committee and the Committee of Economy and Investment Commission services and reconstruction to prepare the final version of the law a bill payment on credit and service sectors and included observations and proposals submitted by the parliamentary blocs on the articles and paragraphs of law and displayed in the session on Thursday to vote."
The House voted on Tuesday in the presence of 185 deputies on two bills ended the first and second readings of the five laws. At the beginning of the meeting, the Council's President Osama Najafi to postpone the vote on the draft law reconstruction of infrastructure and service sectors and submitted by the committees of economy and investment, legal and financial services and reconstruction to session next Thursday to mature law.
Then the Council voted to approve a bill quarantine and bill the electronic signature and electronic transactions and the Council ended the first reading of draft laws for cooperation between Iraq and the United States, a law on ratification of the Convention on investment incentives and ratification of the Convention to identify areas of trade, investment and certification memorandum of understanding in support of the Reformation (capacity building of the agricultural sector ).
Nujaifi announced postponement of the second reading of the proposed law on the Federation Council and submitted by the Committees of legal and regions and provinces until the arrival of the response of the Federal Court to resolve the dispute between the two opinions are based on paragraphs قانونيتين Taatmthelan issuing a decision of the Board or the enactment of it. After the Council ended discussion of the proposed Second Amendment to the Law on Governorates not organized in a region (21) for the year 2008 and submitted by the Committees legal, regions and provinces. And decided to adjourn the meeting until tomorrow, Thursday.
Furthermore, took over the Presidency of the Council of Representatives legal requests to lift the immunity of four deputies from the Iraqi List, "on charges linked to the issue of the vice president was sentenced to death in absentia Tareq al-Hashemi, on charges of terrorist." The source said a representative told all of Iraq on Tuesday, that "the presidency of the Council received a letter from the Supreme Judicial Council demanded the lifting of legal immunity for MPs in Iraq," Salim al "from the center coalition, and" my right-Mashhadani, and Ashour Hamid "for Renewal Movement headed by Hashemi, charges relating to the issue of the latter, and they are involved in it. " "The book also included a request to lift the immunity of MP for the Iraqi List," Qais Cdhir "on terrorist charges related murders in the district towns south of the capital Baghdad," adding that "requests to lift the immunity has received the presidency of the House of Representatives a few days ago." The Iraqi judiciary request last June 2011 from the House of Representatives official letter lift the immunity of the President of the Commission on Human Rights, Salim al comprehensiveness article "4" terrorism, and accused of supporting terrorist operations and sectarian displacement in Diyala. Also referred to as the Central Criminal Court announced Sunday "September 9" sentenced to death in absentia against Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, and his chief Ahmed Qahtan. The Web site and all of Iraq Tuesday, that "hundreds of members of municipal councils demonstrated Tuesday in front of the parliament building to demand the abolition of Article 40 of the budget for fiscal year 2012 which provides pension to cancel the granting of rights." The demonstrators, who represent six provinces of the center and south of the country banners demanding the House of Representatives redress, "calling" to reciprocate with retired members of the House of Representatives and members of the former Governing Council who still receive their pensions. " The House of Representatives voted late last March 2012 to repeal paragraph of Article 55 of Law 21 on the governorates, and it provides for the abolition of pensions for those who occupied positions in the provincial councils and districts and counties.