Parliament decision: "amnesty" passed Thursday in its current form

On: Wednesday 26/09/2012 09:26 am

 Baghdad / Tamim al-Jubouri
confirmed the decision of the House of Representatives, on Tuesday, the heads of political blocs agreed to approve the general amnesty law on Thursday. A member of the state law that the leaders of the blocs agree to pass the law despite the objection of Representatives.

Mohammed al-Khalidi explained in connection with the "long" that "parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi held a meeting with the heads of political blocs," noting that "the conferees agreed to the adoption of the amnesty law next year on Thursday."

Khalidi said that "the agreement to pass the amnesty law will be on the current law formula unchanged."

He revealed Khalidi, the earlier a meeting House Speaker Osama Najafi with heads of parliamentary blocs to discuss the vote on the law infrastructure and seat ninth in the election commission, while ruled a law infrastructure during a parliament session held today attributing the cause to the continuing differences on issues.

In contrast confirmed Iman al-Fadhli member of the state law, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said that "deputies in parliament were surprised yesterday put to vote and pass a general amnesty next Thursday."

The Fadhli said in her speech with "long" "The House of Representatives rejected the law in its current form for violating the Constitution, but the heads of blocs agreed to pass."

The state law was tougher opponents to pass the amnesty law as it stands, but sources indicated a deal between the political parties to pass a law infrastructure sponsored by state law for passing the general amnesty law.

She described an MP for the Iraqi List Sheikhly flowers in time missed the amnesty law as "political", and considered to be patient as the feasibility study of the social and political better than accelerate passing, called to expedite the release of innocent people in prison.

The previously stressed the leadership of the coalition of state law, Kamal Saadi, in (19 September 2012), that his bloc will vote on the amnesty law if excluded thieves of public money and senior counterfeiters and terrorists, while criticizing those who question the capabilities security and demanding at the same time the release of terrorists.

And announced the Liberal bloc in Parliament (18 September 2012), the agreement with the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi amnesty law passed, while confirming put its draft on the agenda of the session of parliament next week.

And was scheduled to vote on the amnesty law in a session of the House of Representatives of the 21 held in (13 September 2012), the Parliamentary Legal Committee confirmed that the presidency of the parliament decided to postpone the vote due to the differences by political blocs on some paragraphs of the law.