Nujaifi opposes the position of Iraq and supports "national meeting"

On: Wednesday 26/09/2012 09:23 am

 Baghdad / Wael grace
reported close to House Speaker Osama Nujaifi on Tuesday that the latter announced during his recent visit to Sulaymaniyah and meeting with the President support the National Conference to resolve the crisis in the country, while still parties from within the Iraqi List, completely rejects the idea of holding the conference and emphasizes the Back to the Convention on Arbil. "

Najafi, last Tuesday, readiness and the Iraqi List, to support the efforts of President Jalal Talabani to resolve the crisis in the country, saying he was "important" at this stage, while Talabani stressed the importance of cooperation to overcome differences.

A spokesman for House Speaker Karam al-Obeidi yesterday in connection with the "long" that "Nujaifi discussed the initiative of President of the Republic and a national meeting," and explained that "the delegation that visited the President of the Republic is one of the Iraqi List, exclusively, and Nujaifi reassured on the health of the president and discussed with him the crisis Political. "

The president's office said in a statement yesterday that "the two sides discussed the political situation and ways of activating the national dialogues on the basis of mutual understanding and ensure compliance with the Constitution and labor agreements."

President Talabani had announced earlier in the absence of a prescription has to resolve the political crisis in Iraq, stressing that the thorny issue of Iraq and entered into the hands of external and internal problems.

For his part, Mohammed Khalidi, a member of the Iraqi List, headed by Najafi and internalized within the National Alliance for the "long" that "the President of the House of Representatives and agreed to the initiative of the President of the Republic in a national meeting."

President Talabani expressed in a joint news conference with General Coordinator of the Movement for Change Nechirvan Mustafa in the city of Sulaymaniyah, expressed optimism on finding solutions to the political situation, especially after giving all politicians trust the president in this regard.

For his part, played down the secretary-general of the Liberal bloc Zia al-Asadi of the importance of the efforts being made to overcome the political crisis, stressing that the movement witnessed in the Iraqi arena is moving towards "mitigate the severity of the crisis in the event wrote his success but he will not be able to resolve the dispute radical.

The Liberal bloc has demanded the National Alliance to include the item in the reformist paper provides the mandates of the three presidencies consecutive two sessions only, which was rejected a coalition of state law.

The Iraqi List, still refuses to talk about national gathering brings together opposing parties at the same table sponsored by Talabani.