Amid a state of anticipation and waiting begins Iraqi President Jalal Talabani daunting task to bridge the divides between the pillars of the process and restore confidence among them in an attempt to open a gap in the wall of the political crisis that led to a decline in the government's performance and its reflection on the security situation and service life
and despite the fact that Talabani, who will start from Baghdad this week mobility political does not carry a magic wand to resolve the crisis Astbakth a number of political positions skeptical ability to collect the outskirts of the crisis and find exits harmonic have reflected deep disagreements and repositioning limbs when their positions declared
based skeptics task Talabani, who smth disease and political together and kept him in the refinery in Germany three months to the depth of the crisis experienced by the Iraq and the effects of the Syrian crisis on trends as well as adherence to each party stands on controversial issues
and according to a source familiar with the Talabani seeks to collect al-Maliki and Barzani and Allawi in his first step to make a breach in the course of the crisis to restore confidence to the edges of the three to ensure the presence of political figures to meet the national long-awaited
and Chan to meet leaders of the three that dispels doubts them and gives hope desire concerned parties choose dialogue table substitute for other options which will enter Iraq the unknown
, according to a leaky van Barzani left Kurdistan at the moment of the arrival of Talabani to after violate E period نقاهته in Germany Mavsrh source that reflects Amtaaz first position second in dealing with the pursuit of Maliki's opponents to withdraw confidence from Maaattabr bias of the owners and a departure from the Kurdish position on this issue
and concentrated political differences plaguing Iraq not to implement the Convention on Arbil and achieve political balance in the structure of the Iraqi state and the general amnesty law and the law of accountability and justice and salaries Kurdish Peshmerga and the relationship of Kurdistan in Baghdad as well to Council policies laid out and choose the names of those who occupy the ministries of interior, defense and national security as the power-sharing and partnership political decision is contentious issues also
According to several sources, the Talabani will choose Sulaymaniyah his hometown meeting place national to avoid Maliki's refusal to attend any meeting in Arbil and intercept Barzani attend any meeting in Baghdad as a compromise
revealed same sources that Talabani carries in his briefcase a package of proposals that could help ease the crisis and find common ground for dialogue focused on coordination between the executive, legislative, judicial and chapter in its tracks based on the Erbil that brought Maliki's government into the open and will enhance the atmosphere of trust between edges.