[Sam] Poppy starts with a prayer and has information for us Giving it over to bgg tells bgg how great the blog today is Bgg: Housekeeping talks a bit about the political situation and how he has targeted the information right on Affirmation Dinar corp, talked about bh group in ohio in serious trouble, civil lawsuits going on, dinar daddy and dinar trade..basically make market on the dinar..saying things that are not wrong … more to go on This is what bgg was talking about changes on dinar landscape Recaps, dinar detectives, iqd for advertising calls
[Sam] Back to poppy: News is 1. exciting for today (delay after rv posts made in the room last couple of days) Kuwait are at UN meeting about process withdrawing them from chapter 7..full member WTO, release from chapter 7…anticipated it would take some time but what I am seeing happening they are making preparations at the un so it goes real quick when announced (chapter 7)…iho….
[Sam] 2. contact brought to poppy by the rabbi…(put in his prayers lots of problems right now) he had on phone with a gentlemen in Iraq and has been in Kuwait has gone to several banks and dinar is not available drying up on streets. And one of the proprietors told by banker that they would have a new denomination in the next couple of weeks…seems like things are happening…rabbi has always been very accurate…so poppy feels this info is accurate
[Sam] Stay away from bank deals, packages etc….had a talk earlier with banks: we cant not and wont be able to not make any bank deals until the dinar is tradeable No matter what we will be winners, the bottom is line is dollars in our pockets Talks about when we went over there and things stopped for 6 days…nothing happens while we are there, they don’t want our interference. Riots are going on and this has not stopped the minutes…still going forward..but getting their business done means everything to them.
[Sam] BGG: Cautions everybody about the b&h thing…serious issues very dramatic and stuff still to come out..on the way…just stay safe….if to good to be true?????? Three things needed to see: Nujafi , alawi, barzoni to get on board…before call nujafi today is meeting with T Second meeting is tomorrow Tues…Talabani will meet with allawi…T has to get Allawi on board Barzoni is still in Europe …needs to get him on board and he shouldn’t be that hard Hcl and article 140 is what barzoni needs. Talabani will bend over backwards to get Allawi or remove maliki
[Sam] Developments happening: Isci…pull off w/o NM…doubts that…the NM is to dear to Talabani’s hear Allawi..settling some of the oils disputes…why or how Events in the news is all good right now…. Bgg predicts not on board with poppy about the 10 day thing before being able to cash out…no need to cashout in the first 10 days Poppy back Closing in on a wonderful blessing Closing prayer