Integrity Committee reveal the names of Representatives officials involved with corruption and issued against them arrest warrants Sunday, September 23, 2012 : Revealed the Integrity Committee in the House of Representatives, the names of the officials involved files of financial and administrative corruption and issued against them arrest warrants and recruitment.

The Chairman of the Committee on Parliamentary Integrity Bahaa al-Araji in a joint news conference with members of the committee held in the House of Representatives, on Sunday, said that the Parliamentary Integrity Committee held a series of meetings with the Chief Justice and the President of the Integrity Commission in previous days and even this morning to follow up files officials involved files corruption financial and administrative orders were issued to arrest them.

He added, that he was ordering the arrest of two members of the House of Representatives and three of the governors and general managers in the Ministry of Commerce in the ration card file.

He explained that the names are MP Falah al-Naqib and MP Abdul Hadi al-Hassani and Asad Sultan Abu tirelessly Najaf governor and former Salem Amuslimawi governor of Babylon and former Abdullah Hassan Rasheed, governor of Diyala and former Shafiq Mahdi Director General of the Department cinema, theater and Sebti JUMAA HASAN director of the General Company for Foodstuff Trading and Ismail Khalil past Director of Education Najaf and Haider Mehdi chief of the reconstruction of Najaf and Majed Hameed, Muhammad Ali and Mohsin Sultan Asatz at the University of Kufa and Meshaal Hassan Saleh, Director General Agricultural Equipment and former Ammar Ahmed Qassem general manager investments Nino Z and Jawad Badr كاطع general manager of electric power in Nasiriyah and Hussein Kadhim Provincial Council member Basra and Fouad Thanoon assistant general manager of the Department of Cinema and theater awareness Gulab Safwan the mayor Hamza and Saad Kamaluddin general manager pharmaceutical industry and dreams Fadel board member province of Diwaniyah and Bushra Kazim, Director electoral office in Diwaniya and Khamis al-Dulaimi, director of the Department of Planning and Follow-up in the Ministry of Higher Education and in Abdul Jalil Judy chief investment Najaf, Ammar Ashour reversed professor at the University of Basra.

Araji called the executive to speed up the implementation of the arrest warrants against them.