Baghdad, - morning

Alaa al-Tai Seeks President Jalal Talabani on his return to Baghdad to gather the political parties to the dialogue table to display the reform package and wide.

According to revelations negotiators from different blocks, the meetings President leaders of political blocs in Sulaymaniyah crystallized has a clear vision for nature complexities of the crisis and how it relates to aspects of legislative, executive and judicial, despite agreement on the need for separation between these pathways in the Iraqi state.

Spokesman said the Supreme Islamic Council Sheikh Hamid Maaleh: The «President seeks through his return to Baghdad to activate dialogues to resolve the crisis, and to put an end to delays and procrastination which counts some blocks to achieve progress towards a solution.

He Maaleh SMC »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network», that meetings that took place in Sulaimaniya was in part to check on the health of President Talabani, but not without debate on the crisis and ways to solve them.

And continued: wait Talabani to put second package of reforms of paper reform, which includes (agreements Erbil and problems three authorities) and other files, adding that paper reform is the solution to these problems.

As a member of the Committee on Reform MP Khalid al-Asadi has said: there Talabani in Baghdad and dialogue with the political blocs will give impetus to the project National Reform adopted by the National Alliance and nearly atmosphere to deal with placed reform positively.

Asadi said in a statement Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network: The Reform Committee, chaired by Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari followed the reform process with the political blocs through direct dialogue and bilateral cooperation to find prospects for dialogue.