Barzani: Kurdistan people is willing to live in a dictatorship

| On 2012-09-22 |

1:12 p.m.Arbil / electronic integrity

The head of Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani, Saturday, that the people of Kurdistan is not ready to live under a dictatorial regime, threatening that he would be for this people's decision last in the absence of commitment to the central government by the Constitution, as pointed out that the production region of oil amounted to 175 thousand barrels per day.

Barzani said during his participation Conference democratic parties in the world, held in Italy that "the Kurdistan region follows a clear policy on relations with Baghdad," noting that "the people of Kurdistan is not ready to live under a dictatorial regime."

Barzani added that "the region will remain part of the federal system, as long as Iraq committed to democracy and the Constitution", threatening that "the people of Kurdistan will have another decision, if the Iraqi government committed to pursuing individual dictatorship."

On the other hand stressed Barzani that "society Kurdistan is an open society, and all the rights and duties of religious components and nationalism reserved," pointing out that "the Parliament of the region consists of 11 political force among the opposition, and the proportion of women which accounted for 33%."

The Barzani that "the unemployment rate in the region of 7%, while the volume of $ 20 billion, through the work of more than three thousand foreign company in it," explaining that "the production of the region's oil now stands at 175 thousand barrels per day, while rising end in 2014, to one million barrels a day. " %3Dsiasy%26id%3D2975