Barazani: We will not live under dictatorship if Baghdad government does not abide by the Constitution
22/09/2012 20:47:00
Erbil (NINA) President of Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barazani, affirmed that the Region's policy is clear and transparent; it will remain part of the federal regime as long as Iraq abides by democracy and the Constitution.

In a speech before the International Conference of Democratic Parties, held in the Italian capital, Rome, Barazani said, "We the Kurdish people will not live under dictatorship; if Iraqi government does not abide by the Constitution and moves toward dictatorship and monocracy, then the Kurdish people will make a different decision.

Barazani added that tens of thousands of Iraqi families, including 12 Christian families, have left central and southern Iraq toward Kurdistan Region.

He pointed out that Iraq is going through a sensitive period; after 2003 Kurdistan Region presented its outlook concerning the nature of its relations, within the Constitution's frames, which 80% of the Iraqis voted for in 2005, in which rights and responsibilities of both Federal and the Region's governments are drawn within federal frame based on genuine partnership.

Barazani clarified that the Middle East is going through fast changing era, "We have expressed our full support to the peoples' aspiration for freedom and democracy, yet we must not give a chance to an extremist party manipulate the peoples' revolts and spread violence and the spirit of revenge."

Barazani concluded, "We affirm our full support for a just solution to the problem of the rights of the Kurdish people throughout Kurdistan in a democratic and peaceful means away from violence. / End.