General Amnesty Law on the table (range)
Date: Sunday 09/23/2012 09:04 AM

range / appeal Fouad
discussed Foundation term during a seminar held by the headquarters Gazette, General Amnesty Law and circumstances, the presence of the representative of the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Director General of the Department juvenile reform brigade Faris Abdul Amir vBulletin Version, and the representative of the Minister of Justice adviser in the ministry, Dr. Karim Hamid, and a number of Representatives and specialized researchers.

At the beginning of the seminar spoke researcher legal dreams Jabri for "theoretical framework for the general amnesty law," indicating that "the law did not vote on it until now."
and added that "Amnesty is not the result of legislation but is as old as human existence, as the punishment may achieve its objectives has been sometimes be a positive impact and with a negative impact in many cases. "
as defined Jabri amnesty law and bug issue and distinguish it from the pardon, as well as emphasizing the importance of knowing the feasibility of this amnesty, pointing out that "his linguistic is against punishment, Ktgerad act of such criminal, any is an exception to the text of criminality, and that is caused by calming social Bassadol Star oblivion on past crimes, giving a second chance to rehabilitate criminals and reintegrated to society. "
She said "pardon could include certain offenses, and here lies the difference between a general amnesty and pardon sector, where the private, is a legal system determined by the executive branch, which includes punishment only, not crime, and a general amnesty is to give up the social right in general and the College. "
and confirmed Jabri "the need to study the implications of the General Amnesty Law and the feasibility of its release, what constitutes the core of the subject, in 2002, the government laundering prison and freed convicts all, and in 2008 launched a general amnesty again to reintegrate prisoners into society. "
representative of the Minister of Justice adviser in the ministry and a member of the State Council cream Hamid said, "We have and Akpna bill amnesty which was originally proposed by the Liberal bloc, has not been presented so far on the Council of State. "
and noted that "the most important part in the law is the formula legislative him, where it formed a committee to study the project, and we 29 Note taking written below, and confirmed that the law Moved for laws similar to his previous ".
and continued that "the function of the State Consultative are legislative drafting of the laws, which confirmed that the amnesty and texts show that it is not a general amnesty, not in terms of people not in terms of the crimes, it is possible to call it amnesty, according to crime . "
and "We have learned that the events are not covered by the law nor sanctions, for the first time within the formula legislative law, we find that the amnesty covers those sentenced to death or life imprisonment, I believe that the period between the amnesty laws need to be a comprehensive study and in-depth, as well as address the confusion in the formulation texts, stating the competent authorities that the amnesty does not cover only the issues that happened Magistrate where. "
Dr. Ali high-Dean of the Faculty of law previously noted that "there is no relationship between the general amnesty law and national reconciliation, where the aim of the law is calm things down and return to society to be a society peaceful away from conflict and criminality. "
and continued high "did not include amnesty penalties staff, where there are some reservations concerning it in terms of coverage punished and imprisoned for different issues and the offense," stressing "the need to be amnesty away from political interests and that taken into account the interests of society and the public interest only. "
Fares vBulletin Version that "society deserves to be a community reformer, despite attacks and plots that are still being hatched against him," asserting that "the general amnesty law is trying to reform socially and psychologically, trying to contribute to the economic construction of the country, after the exhausted the demolition of each of these aspects of society. "
and added that "the law is trying to help integrate human that stray into crime again in the community, and try to treat construction of psychological and social."
noting that "the legislative power to lay the foundations for the general amnesty law and to give a chance for reform , where "human ignorance" and "Oh What in prison Mazalim," he says.
vBulletin Version said "we find that the crime of terrorism excluded from the law and also within the exceptions are crimes espionage, and as we know that the laws begin to diminish from the date, as the origin of laws is to be implemented from the date of issue. "
legal expert Tareq Harb said that "society kills its diseases and many problems and general amnesty law is one of these problems and diseases, which is why the actor in the continuity of the crime, as drug crimes in Iraq, there are there are 6 crimes only private Drugs, which are not covered general amnesty but the most serious of which are issues of narcotic pills "microencapsulation" there are thousands of crimes, would be exempted from these Will qualify already for mixing society. "
and added, "as well as issues of smuggling of antiquities is not included in the general amnesty, there Worse including a issues of vandalism and wanton destruction of effects and private property is included amnesty along with law customs, "both evil and evil choice" How can the release of criminals who are not eligible for integration into the community. "
And on the question "long" on the application of law in the event he was arrested on a criminal Included pardon again, right from the injustice to be tried like does not have any offense! replied a member of the Commission on Human Rights flowers Sheikhly "I will talk about my personal opinion away from the view of the Commission that belong to it, where I find that the general amnesty law, aims to cover the largest possible number of the detainees within Article 4 terrorism, where many innocent people have been arrested according to information received through the confidential informant, and must be so law away from political interests and quotas partisanship, "stressing" the need to develop a plan for comprehensive rehabilitation, to learn how to integrate Those released in the joints of the community. "