News reports : National Meeting lifeline ... National Alliance offers a reform paper to the President of the Republic soon

Union: The State of Law coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, President Jalal Talabani capable Bmhnih on finding solutions to the current political crisis.

The MP said the coalition on Alfalh (Rn) that "President Talabani more than capable of solving political problems, which returned to the country for good luck with the start of the crisis break-up, Prime Minister's visit to the House of Representatives reflected cooperation and clear between him and House Speaker Osama Nujaifi" . He Alfalh that "polar Iraqi actual deeply involved good relationship with Talabani and Maliki," noting that "the current situation is not as it was when you leave President Talabani of Iraq for treatment three months ago," noting that "everyone Ragheb solution, and President Talabani is the person capable of reducing the gap between politicians. "
In addition, the Kurdistan Alliance said the Kurds are waiting for Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to take practical steps to end the file of the disputed areas between the federal government and the Kurdistan region. The vice president of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Mohsen Saadoun (Rn) "We are waiting for Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to begin an important step toward solving a hot topic, the file Article 140 on the grounds that the government charge of implementing the constitution and resolve the matter". He expressed the hope that "Maliki announced soon be a thing with respect to the application of Article." He said that "the government (federal) responsible for the end of the file (Article 140) to distribute compensation and move the work towards a second mechanism through the abolition of political decisions of the Revolutionary Command Council dissolved and start the next steps." Referring to the recent agreement between the two sides on the Kurdistan region's oil exports and payments producing companies, said, "We hope that this step will be capable of enactment of the law of oil and gas and end this."
Furthermore, MP for the coalition of state law, Mahmoud Hassan, that the President of the Republic will come to Baghdad soon and will provide the National Alliance and paper reforms of President Talabani. Hassan said for (news) "The National Alliance when he put items and paper reforms consisting of (70) points he wanted to submit it to the political blocs through meetings but blocks lagged response to the calls of the National Alliance," and added that "President Jalal Talabani on arrival at Baghdad will Alliance National paper reforms him to begin to invite the political blocs and discuss the paper at the national meeting is hoped to take place after the creation of the atmosphere "said Hassan that" the problems were not confined to a block, but there are problems among most of the blocks and must be accelerated to hold national conference to resolve these differences. "
The President returned to Sulaymaniyah after treatment journey lasted three months, and political leaders congratulated him for his return, and was visited by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, accompanied by a large government delegation, is expected to return President Talabani to Baghdad to call for a national meeting.
On the other hand, describes the independent MP full-Dulaimi, the political process "ship Titanic" and the national meeting represents a "lifeline latter" to the process, noting that the national meeting will be held and refuses to sit on it is disruptive to the reforms. A Dulaimi said that "President Jalal Talabani showed great interest to the National Conference to end the outstanding problems between the political parties so there are a great opportunity for the political blocs to accept to meet National to end disputes in accordance with the Constitution, "expected to hold national meeting and did not attend the meeting, it is disruptive Statute of the political process. Promised Dulaimi "national meeting lifeline latter," describing the political process "ship Titanic which is about to drown," saying that "undecided differences, everyone will drown and then plunge the entire country" and pointed Dulaimi said the political blocs that you can not resolve the differences it should emerge in front of the media and explicitly disclosed disruptive to the political process, especially to the regional situation casts a negative shadow on the political process in the present and in the future. "
On the other hand, MP for the mass citizen Hassoun Fatlawi, that all the political blocs now working out of the current crisis. Said Fatlawi's (news) Friday "that does not have a party to the political process does not want to resolve differences and problems experienced by the process, and that everyone is looking for a way out of the current situation," noting the presence of many reasons to search for solutions to problems, including the seriousness of the situation and the repercussions of the region that may be reflected in the the country amid political differences. He added that "the survival of the problems will hurt everyone, pointing to solve political problems through mediation will be President Jalal Talabani and put acceptable solutions