Friday, September 21, 2012
Sami al-Askari: the names of the candidates of the Iraqi List, the Department of Defense is old and rejected

BAGHDAD - babysit - criticized the leader of the coalition of state law, the names provided by the Iraqi List to fill the post of defense minister.
The MP said Sami al-Askari in a press statement that "the names put forward by the Iraqi List for the post of Defense Minister old and duplicate, had previously rejected, and rejection reason that this position where many specifications, including the fact that not be personal candidate political, and must meet the several specifications of his experience and his military experience and his career. "

"We should also not impose on the Prime Minister, as commander of the armed forces, any candidate without conviction in him, and there should be harmony and coordination, and this also applies to the candidate and the Interior Ministry, in order to work together with the task of file management security."

The MP for the Iraqi List Hassan Chuird, announced the nomination of four names of its members to fill the post of defense minister . http://alrayy.com/61480.htm