Hassoun Fatlawi: political blocs started looking for a way out of the current situation

BAGHDAD - babysit - A member bloc citizen MP Hassoun Fatlawi, that all the political blocs now working out of the political situation, because of the repercussions of the situation as well as the region.
Said Fatlawi in a press statement: that there was no party to the political process does not want to resolve differences and problems experienced by the process, and that everyone is looking for a way out of the current situation, noting: there are many reasons to search for solutions to problems, including the seriousness of the situation and the repercussions of the region that may be reflected in the the country amid political differences.

He added: that the survival of the problems will hurt everyone, pointing to solve political problems through mediation will be President Jalal Talabani and put acceptable solutions.

The President returned to Sulaymaniyah after treatment journey lasted three months, and political leaders congratulated him for his return, and was visited by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, accompanied by a large government delegation, is expected to return President Talabani to Baghdad to call for a national meeting