Kuwait lawmakers call for better relations with Iraq; both countries prepare for next meeting : Kuwait MPs demanding the establishment of good neighborly relations new

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Collect Congress on the need to resort to wisdom and deep strengthen the interrelationship between Iraq and Kuwait and push the relationship between the two countries to work together according to the bonds of brotherhood and friendship and links established neighborhood.

And the House of Representatives that the Iraqi people did not commit any offense against its neighbor Kuwait and that dependency the crimes of the previous dictatorial regime dating back to the characters of certain retribution which won merit, and that the brothers in Kuwait into account this fact.

resulted in the Prime Minister’s visit Nuri al-Maliki to Kuwait on March 14 an agreement on the maintenance of border markers, and to lay the foundations and common frameworks to resolve all the files within short time scales, with Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, who accompanied al-Maliki during his visit at the time that What has been agreed is great progress and helps to exit Iraq from Chapter VII.

was the Foreign Ministry and with the Ministry of Human Rights has called on citizens to offer their information on missing persons from the Kuwait war and places of their disappearance.

said Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement received “morning,” a copy of “The Iraqi government has made ​​serious efforts to find the missing by the Kuwait war, or their remains,” indicating that it “and the Ministry of Human Rights calls on citizens to offer their information for those missing and places of their disappearance. “the ministry added that” found 236 missing so far and the remaining 373 “, noting that” seek to accomplish this task is part of our international obligations. “

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs “to provide information on missing persons is a service to our dear country to get rid of the effects of the crimes committed by the former regime and maintain the reputation of Iraq and its natural place in the international community.”

is scheduled to hold Iraqi and Kuwaiti officials during the next term meeting to close the pending issues as a prelude to remove Iraq from Chapter VII.

In the same vein said the decision of the House of Representatives and MP for the coalition in Iraq Mohammed Khalidi that the Iraqi people did not commit any sin against the State of Kuwait, but the former dictatorial regime is of the perpetrators of the abuse.

Khalidi said in a statement for “Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network”: that “that took place between Iraq and Kuwait is a crime committed by a dictator, was sentenced to including people deserve, and the Collapse page on the past and open a new page is an urgent need for the return of the two countries to deal on the basis of brotherhood, friendship and start a constructive economic relations with the help Iraq out of Chapter VII. “For his part, President of the Parliamentary Liberal bloc Bahaa al-Araji request of the Government of its citizens to help provide information on missing about it “التعجيزي”.

between al-Araji told the “Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network,” that the issue of Kuwait took a long time stressing that “who owns such This information is former intelligence and the ousted regime, and that the government must go back to the old files in the relevant institutions even infers the missing and prisoners, saying, “This issue is intended to gain people’s emotions and therefore can not solve this problem way. “and went Araji said that” it is necessary to end all the problems between the two countries, including issues related to money and compensation, and resolved to the fullest, “and urged Kuwait given Iraq” an objective look because the crimes committed are crimes of the former regime and specifically from a particular person, and not of the sons of the Iraqi people, describing the relationship between the two countries as brothers relationship, so “we have to get honest to end this problem.”

Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations will witness positive developments as declared Kuwait’s ambassador to Iraq recently to the insured for his country’s determination to open consulates in the cities of Erbil and Basra as well as the offices of the embassy in the number of Iraqi provinces, and confirmed that the Kuwaiti side touches the seriousness of the Iraqi government to close the outstanding issues between the two countries since the nineties of the last century.

said a source in the Foreign Relations Committee’s “Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network” that delegations from the two countries will exchange visits during the next term of the agreement on a date for a meeting to resolve some outstanding issues, including Kuwait Airways file and the border and the issue of debt and the Kuwaiti archives, while the next phase will focus on ending the file of missing Kuwaitis and compensation.

MP Haidar al-Mulla said that the former regime committed a crime by invading Kuwait and the consequences that these crime is that “the rulers of Kuwait are still prisoners of a spiral of revenge for trying various arguments pressure on Iraq.”

Mulla said in a statement to “Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network,” “This is one of the arguments that attempt Kuwait retained for continued pressure on Iraq. “For his part count MP Jawad file Alshahyla missing from files barbed asking Kuwait to forgive the Iraqi people because it is not taken the decision to invade,” calling for the start of a new phase of brotherly relations . “

For his part, MP Abdul Salam al-Maliki said relations between Iraq and Kuwait are going on according to the basis of correct

and MP-Maliki said in a statement to “Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network”: that “relations have witnessed a breakthrough between the two sides especially after the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of the State of Kuwait, which opened up new horizons of joint cooperation between the two sides. “

and added that “there are assurances from the Iraqi side of the Kuwaiti government, and that the government is serious about forgetting the past.”