Iraq News Network – 09/20/2012 – 12:18 pm

BAGHDAD – Network News Iraq: sources revealed official Iraqi delegation is the U.S. Senate headed by John McCain, who visited Iraq last week in addition to the U.S. and British embassies in Baghdad demanded Nuri al-Maliki reshape cell his political advisers who charge of the defense of his policies because of their statements shameful that contributed to the deepening The political crisis and the deterioration of Iraq’s foreign relations, especially with the Arab Gulf states.

The cell consists of Representatives advisers Sami al-Askari and Hasan al Ilah Alfalh and government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh and media adviser Ali al-Moussawi. It is often called these advisers fiery statements against political opponents and strongly criticize the policies of the Arab Gulf states.

In response to a question about al-Maliki’s position on this demand, the sources said Maliki’s re-reading all the comments from his advisers as a prelude to select new advisers able to express the government’s views without embarrassment.