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Senator Kerry: America has reduced its aid to Iraq
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Senator John Kerry said in an interview with Robert Stephen Beecroft


The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the U.S. Senate, John Kerry that Congress may begin reducing U.S. aid provided to Iraq, if proved correct reports that continued government of allowing Iran of using its airspace to send aid to the Syrian regime. came during a meeting held by the Senate today to install the candidate President Barack Obama as U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Robert Stephen Beecroft. Kerry said during his speech before the committee today, "not surprising that Iraq seeks to establish good neighborly relations with Iran, but recent reports about Iran's use of Iraqi airspace to provide the Assad regime tyrannical equipment concern. said on Maliki's government to play a constructive role in supporting initiatives peaceful transition of power in Syria. " For his part, spoke Beecroft during the meeting on the status of Iraq at the current stage "country emerged just 50 years of isolation, fragmentation and wars. our strong relationship with a democratically elected government, identified features of this relationship in the Strategic Framework Agreement between the two countries based on the vision and common road map and solid cooperation in the fields of defense and economy, justice and diplomatic relations, education and energy. " He Beecroft during the meeting that he spent most of his career in the Middle East where he served in diplomatic posts in Syria, Saudi Arabia and served as ambassador in Jordan.