Bahr al-Ulum: Looking for economic integration in the region to support the unity of Iraq's land and people
On: Wednesday 19/09/2012 05:53 pm

Citizen - special - Istanbul
said d. Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum and former oil minister and president of the Academy Iraq Energy, "It is looking for economic integration in the region by supporting the unity of Iraq's land and people," came in a lecture delivered by Dr. Bahr al-Ulum at the Third Conference of the future of energy in Iraq in 2013, which was held in Istanbul on over three days. The Dr. Bahr al-Ulum at the beginning of his speech and commenting on the word vice Turkish Energy Minister Dr. Hassan Murad Morgan, addressing the leadership of the Turkish political "We understand the desire of Turkey in promoting economy region and affirm that Iraq is capable to play the biggest role of economic development of the region, but we see one of the most Requirements that is political stability and this responsibility of Iraqis as well as neighboring countries, including Turkey, "noted in the introduction to his lecture," The Iraqis are aware of the importance of their strategic and economic, so they are involved in the process of development and construction and that affects Iraq from good will prevail everyone and touch of ضر will return to that everyone We appreciate you pass the area of tension sharp and alignments political pay trends is clear is that the politicians are still able to save the economic momentum through political performance to keep the economic and commercial interests, and focused d. Uloum about the role of the Turkish positive in 2011 is reflected in the Turkish Prime Minister to Baghdad reception popular it has received and his visit to Najaf, Erbil and his speech in the parliament of Iraq, reflected performance booster at the time to the unity of Iraq's land and people to the development of economic and trade relations and increasing trade exchange active presence of Turkish companies in the areas of Iraq, that the leaders Turks maintain the momentum and development and to stay away from all that would hinder the development of relations between the two countries and the two governments. " d opened. Bahr al-Ulum his lecture on the future of oil production in Iraq in the post-2012 opportunities and challenges, directed his message to the gathering international companies to co-conference as saying that "Iraq is passing through a period of very encouraging in the development of the oil industry will be held next task to tackle for the success of the tasks carried out by Iraq and will be results not in favor of Iraqis, but will impact on the overall situation of energy in the region and the world. focused d. Uloum at the beginning of his lecture on the history of the production and export since Sbieinat and after wars and sanctions on the Iraqi reality and the loss of Iraq to the opportunities that have passed as well as the loss of its share of oil in the market throughout the past four decades What caused the destruction of the structure greeting and that Iraq needs to half trillion dollars to return in the coming years. pointed d. Uloum said the purpose of the restoration of recent history is to learn the lesson. and most important Mafany is to understand the role dictatorship of the former regime who hired Iraqi oil money to kill hundreds of thousands them on the battlefield and hundreds of thousands who were exposed to the economic blockade and famine, and focused d Uloum on new data in the oil industry after 2003 and until this day and how the evolution of production throughout this period and after the security and stability in the continuing export of oil from our fields North since 2007, as well as the impact of investment foreign to the reality of the extractive industry and noted Dr. Bahr al-Ulum that the Iraqis are looking forward to the year 2014 where Siegel oil production turn new surpassing the peak recorded in 1979 before the Iran-Iraq war. reviewed Dr. Bahr al-Ulum data and figures distribution of oil production across different regions in Iraq and evolution happened in the increase in production over the past two years and pointed to new fields entered production this year, such as Halfaya and Humpback and expects other new entry in the next year, such as Majnoon and fortune-teller and Badra, as well as to increase production of the Kurdistan region. " d reviewed. Bahr al-Ulum most important challenges facing the oil industry, including the relationship with the Kurdistan region noting that there are individually remarkable witnessed hallway political during the past few days, came after the crisis that lasted several months and there is a tendency parliamentary and governmental process the file oil, and focused Dr. Bahr al-Ulum on the proposal put forward. In Baghdad in a conference challenges facing the oil industry 2013 and held club upper on Saturday September 15, the need for a body monitoring the implementation of the Convention will be signed with Kurdistan and called for UN involvement (UNAMI) in the body and are selected members of personally independent, non-governmental organizations to ensure neutrality). Dr. Bahr al-Ulum answered questions from the audience and his lecture lasted about ninety minutes was the focus of global corporations and the media.