A source close to the adviser to Maliki: we plan to raid (long)!

On: Wednesday 19/09/2012 09:27 am

 Baghdad / term
according to a source close to one adviser to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that the security force of last resort and has developed a plan to attack Foundation offices in Baghdad term. The source, who declined to be named for reasons of personal security that Maliki's adviser told him that the plan is raided the headquarters of Al-term and printing press in addition to libraries range and house-term reality in Mutanabi Street, which are held on a weekly cultural events varied every Friday. Source said in a telephone conversation with term

The adviser "who is at the same time deputy in the parliament," expressed discomfort Prime Minister and vicious his inner than doing the range of "campaigns against the government", in reference to the campaigns to defend public freedoms and is published by the criticism of the policy of the Government and its President, and published documents relating to corruption files to a number of politicians protected by al-Maliki personally. "

The source said Chancellor struck an angry tone about the need to "eliminate from the stands in the face of the democratic process in the country" and that "Maliki's coalition is like a train crush anyone who tries to impede."

Noteworthy that the term came on the third of October 2007 to the raid by the security force, which sparked anger and disbelief working in the field of media and civil society organizations and the Iraqi and international organizations concerned with human rights.