Kurdistan Democratic delegation, headed by Barzani up Sulaymaniyah to meet with President Talabani
Date: 09/18/2012 15:19:39 Tuesday

Sulaymaniyah (news) .. Arrived in Sulaymaniyah and high-level delegation from the Kurdistan Democratic Party headed by Deputy Chairman of the Party head of government territory Barzani.
A source in the branch Kurdistan Democratic Party in Sulaimaniyah to correspondence (Agency news): The delegation arrived in the city of Sulaymaniyah headed Barzani to visit President Talabani, to check on his health and to congratulate him to return to the country. The source added: that the delegation specialist will talk about the political situation in the region in particular and Iraq in general with President Talabani. President Talabani arrived on Monday evening, to Sulaymaniyah international divisions. Its international airport, and confirmed upon arrival pursue in order to find a solution to the political crisis through dialogue and understanding among all construction. / End / 24. N. P /