On: Tuesday 18/09/2012 08:53 am

 Baghdad / supporter Tayeb

Parliamentary source revealed yesterday that the masses of Liberal and state law semi-official agreed to pass amnesty law for law infrastructure controversial.

Source added in a statement to the reporter term in the House of Representatives that "general amnesty law can not be passed only if there is a political deal, and this is what seeks to block free to agree on some points of contention with Maliki's coalition."

The source noted that "the law of the infrastructure which many question mark, and mysterious messages, especially after the Prime Minister's insistence on attendance at his request to discuss the law, leaving the most important issues of this law."

As indicated MP for the Liberal bloc Magda Tamimi to "The Sadrist bloc is still approve the bill, still have reservations on the subject, was chosen for the Liberal bloc within a quadripartite committee of the National Coalition, and with me Bayan Jabor on the mass of the citizen, and Ahmed Chalabi Party National Congress, and Hussein Mura'bi block virtue, and we will meet on Wednesday evening to talk about the point of view of each block we represent, on the draft law, and put improvements and additions, we will give what we have points of disagreement and notes about the project and will be voted on this basis. "

In regard to the statements about a deal between state law and the Liberals passed a law infrastructure approval Maliki's coalition to the draft general amnesty, she noted Tamimi told the "long" yesterday that "it is impossible to provide the Liberal bloc to pass any law on the basis of political consensus , the cluster has cost me on to be its representative on the Committee and I will give my report to serve the economic bill, "she said," We continue to insist on the adoption of the amnesty law as a public demand and we do not want out any corrupt or terrorist with the help of this law. "

Conversely refused to block the citizen internalized within the National Alliance held any political deal regarding amnesty and infrastructure. A member of the bloc citizen Qassem al-Araji said the blocks that fall within the coalition rejects any deal concerning the general amnesty law at the expense of the Iraqi funds. Pointing out that the amnesty law would help the return of armed gangs, as the paragraphs of the law authorizing them to release criminals, pointing out that the general amnesty in this format will drop the death penalty for al-Hashemi, likely to enter Hashemi within these political deals with the support of the regional states. The adviser said the Iraqi coalition Hani Ashour that the law of the infrastructure is of great importance, but it's still lacks guarantees of success, and praised the experience of the Kurdistan region in the area of ​​infrastructure building, pointing out that the central government should emulate.

And Ashour stressed in a statement issued by his office yesterday and received the "long" version of it, that "the central government to benefit from the experience of the Kurdistan region in the reconstruction of infrastructure, the region and the efforts and clear managed through a short period of eliminating the power crisis and the development and use of wealth and advancement Reconstruction infrastructure that made the region an attractive area for investment and a major building workshop "and" The Kurdistan region has become a source of pride for the country and the government to utilize them and looking at it as a pilot experiment and find out the real reasons that have made these achievements and follow suit. "

Explaining that "the region's share of the state budget compared to other governorates and Baghdad impressive in how invested in an exemplary manner has made cities Kurdistan inflict cities rising and modern in the world, it is useful to the government tracking their steps and benefit from that experience distinct and strongly supported because it represents an achievement Iraqi unique." Ashour called "government to address the failures and the negatives that had delayed diagnosis renaissance other cities, although they got the money far outweigh the budget of Kurdistan, but did not achieve important achievements because of corruption and lack of seriousness and lack of experience."

And Ashour stressed that "the law of the infrastructure new despite its large but still lacks guarantees success compared the experience of previous years, thousands of projects and not accomplished despite spending big money to them, what requires to address the imbalance before starting phase plans Emaar new."

The House of Representatives may order at its meeting yesterday, the vote on the law infrastructure to next week, due to lack of quorum for the number of deputies participating in the meeting.